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Healing begins with the heart and, through Tim's subtle, yet expansive, approaches of connecting heart energy and the beautiful art of restorative yoga, he utilizes the connections of energy, restoration and meditation to bring balance to mind-body-spirit. Trained in Reiki healing, mediation, reflexology, restorative / yin / classic hatha / laughter / kids / prenatal (and ever growing) styles of yoga... Tim's connection to healing allows and invites a deeper relationship of one's personal growth and wholeness in the practice of "living life".


The styles of healing begin with the act of being grateful. When we are in the space of thankfulness we are in the space of growth and connection. And when we are connected... the true art of allowing brings about the ultimate in pure health. For as they say (the Celestial Design Committee) “if you don’t have your health, you don’t got nothin’. “ 


Enjoy your journey and make it fun and effortless.


...and smile as much as you can.

Papa would tell me,
"is not a science, but the intuitive art

of wooing nature."

– W.H. Auden

Living with allergies, arthritis, injuries and past hearing- loss, Tim understands some of the complexities human life can encompass. His approach of "less is more" is intertwined within the gentle forms of yoga he shares — listening and allowing the body and mind to soften, conscious healing can begin. Opening up a more integrative connection between the physical and energetic pathways through honoring the bodies and life-styles we all actively live in. 

Tim Cyr, founder of The Do Less Project, yoga teacher (500hr YTT), meditation leader, Reiki Master, Yoga Nidra, Thai Head Massage, Japanese Stone Massage and Reflexology. Creating and leading workshops, retreats and classes in Restorative, Yin, Tensegrity, Hatha, Kids and Laughter yoga styles. Teaching at various studios in and around Vancouver (YYoga / The Path / The Hive - North Shore), leading programs for YMCA Boys4Real, The Vancouver Police, The Kelty Mental Health Group, BrainWave Caregivers — BC Children’s Hospital, University of BC - Enrollment Services and presenting at Vancouver and Victoria Yoga Conferences.


Creative writer, graphic designer (Owner of Akuna Media Group, Creative Director for AVVA Light Corporation - Calgary and Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., Liquid Lens - UK, GravTech Engraving Corp.) — Tim continues to evolve and immerse himself into the learning and connecting within our local communities and groups.

Finding healing through balance – a space of respite from the challenges of life. 99% of many causes of most illnesses, dis-eases, injury, emotional upset and struggle are related to stress in our everyday lives. Enabling our bodies to engage their natural healing ability is a very key aspect of reducing stress and allowing our bodies to heal themselves. Through energy healing we enable the body and mind to reach this heightened state of relaxation and assist in bringing balance back to an otherwise chaotic energy pattern from within.


Similar to massage or a deep meditation, the state of relaxation that is reached through energy work by the practitioner with the individual. Most people have found the benefits of body massages to be very relaxing, but they, often times, only work with the physical elements of the body. This leaves the mind and spiritual side of the body to be neglected. All three of these aspects of us as human beings are vital to the growth and development of a healthy lifestyle.


The best way to describe an energy session is to experience one. We encourage anyone and everyone to enjoy the benefits waiting for them when they indulge in this special form of incredible stress-reduction. From pre-birth to the end of life, and absolutely every living being (especially pets) can enjoy energy relaxation.


...discover your

complete relaxation today.

friends and people who have influenced my life

Over the course of learning and discovery of my own paths I would like to thank, with great honour and gratitude, these groups and individuals that have impacted my life. Namaste to all of you on the path of enlightenment through this and many lifetimes and for sharing what the Universe has gifted you to share with the world...

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Brian Dean Williams

Providing deeply meaningful workshops for organizations & powerful therapeutic experiences for individuals, couples & families. Dean continues to be a guide in my life, both in my personal and in my relationship connections.

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