More than a yoga teacher, Reiki Master and meditation coach...

Tim is also a creative guy with over 23 years print and digital design experience. From brand creation, coaching and consistency specialist, Tim is here to assist and guide individuals and small to medium sized businesses with their design, promotional and marketing needs. From print materials to on-line media to general marketing and promotional expertise.

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“As I muddle my way through everything new in the past year ...a website, Instagram, Facebook, and now Twitter... it's been wonderful to have found someone with the needed skills and design-heart for completing these tasks effortlessly.


Hiring Tim for guidance & hands-on help for things such as website settings, design etc, was a good leap ahead with things which would've taken me ages to maneuver on my own! Tim explains things so well and is incredibly patient with just the right speed my brain could handle, with my hands doing the navigating on the computer (far more absorbing than watching someone else speed through it)!


Above all, he is such a pleasure to be with through what I typically find so tedious and laborious. Look him up also regarding his 'DoLess' workshops with www.timcyr.com, retreats, yoga, and many other helpful talents in this overwhelming, high-paced world.” 


—  Victoria Mitchell  victoriamitchellstudio.com


A time honoured tradition, your first impression is the most memorable.  

tim (at) akunamediadesign.com


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