bali 2017

 BALI - 2017 
 BERMUDA - 2017 
 NEW YORK - 2017 

Stepping onto the Hello Kitty® airplane in Taipei started our journey to Bali off with a bang. We, Dean and I, had been working a very long hard winter of promotions and marketing and Bali was the perfect get-away from the rain and chilly temperatures in Canada. We launched into our 5 day excursion to this tropical local with gusto... and a great big sigh. Landing in Bali, the temperatures were pleasantly in the upper 20's and the air smelled of incense and flowers. We also had a few days to spend at a gay resort villa that offered the both of us some well deserved relax time amongst other gay travellers from around the globe. 

The villa offered a spacious bedroom and private bath that opened up onto a semi-private patio that lead to a raised gazebo and sheltered pool area. Clothing optional meant that we could completely feel comfortable to not worry about anything. The perfect romantic getaway that was just was we needed. The breakfasts were superbly prepared by the owner and manager of the villa and we were able to gather with the rest of the guests in the mornings before our adventures took us out to see the rest of the country outside the villa's gates. The other guests were so friendly and willing to share their stories of travels and their lives. It really made me feel humbled and honoured that we, Dean and I and other fellow Canadians, live in a place where being gay is not taken as a threat to our culture or our way of sharing affection or how we are respected in our places of work. 

Our adventures took us out to temples, restaurants, beaches, rice fields and performances and the sharing of stories. Bali is a place of rich history and friendly humans, willing to help us out and make our experience one not to missed. I think one of the moments of noticing the culture was a drive from the rice fields to the temple. As we drove through the small towns on the very small roadways, the families, neighbours and friends would be walking along the roads with trays and bowls of food to bring to gathering to eat. People would be sitting out in fronts of their homes and sharing meals and their stories of the the day. 

An experience of 5 days that was way too short, but a lifetime of memories and photos to share with you...