bermuda 2017

 BALI - 2017 
 BERMUDA - 2017 
 NEW YORK - 2017 

An island deeply steeped in history and culture, I really didn't know what I was going to expect, as most of what I found on-line was not really that interesting. But landing after a few days at sea on the Celebrity® cruise ship Summit, I was blown away. The wharf was gearing up for the American Cup sailing races and the city was alive with the first tourists to come to the island after the long non-cruise season. Though the prices of the food and local attractions were a little pricy, they certainly did not leave out the details on the quality of services, drinks and food that was offered. And I have to say, they were such a welcoming and friendly country as well! Not just the people in the service industry, but even the locals that are inundated with tourists so much of their summer months. 

The highlight of this journey was the caves of The Grotto Beach Resort where Dean and I treated ourselves to a couples massage. To hear the droplets of water dripping into the pond that surrounded the floating covered pods that supported the massage tables was simply stunning. Rich and sensuous smells of the cool cave air mingled with the scents from the massage oils and then the sensation of floating while the talented RMT massage staff treated us to an stellar 90 minutes of pure joy. Being able to take a dip in the cave next to this one was also a pretty remarkable experience as well... but nothing like the massage.

Floating, beach walking around beautiful man-o-war jelly fish, sharing time with our travel companions from the Do Less in Bermuda Retreat, it truly was a journey not to be forgotten. Colours, smiles, tastes of the Dark and Stormy drinks and the sounds of singing and music while we walked the streets of the villages and the city illuminated our imaginations and excited our senses. I was secretly hoping we might get lost for a bit in the Bermuda Triangle, but not meant to be this time around.