new york 2017

 BALI - 2017 
 BERMUDA - 2017 
 NEW YORK - 2017 

Bigger than life. This towering city of love and freedom stands out for me as one of the friendliest places I've been to in a while. Let me clarify that... friendliest US cities I've been to. I truly felt like I could be free to wear and look like I wanted to look and feel. And even be free to share my affection with my partner when walking down the street. In a place where there has been so much fear and hatred shared, New York really has established its roots in being called the city of LOVE.

From the bigger-than-life skyscrapers to the intricate network of subway systems, to the flavours of food and drinks and the conversations had with strangers at a drag-show bingo night.... wow. Seeing and experiencing the place where the gay movement began in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn was humbling and exciting all at the same time, and to be there with my husband-to-be, was just awesome and amazing. The apartment that we shared with one of Dean's longtime friends Jeffrey felt as though we had stayed in a typical movie-set New York apartment with floor to ceiling book shelves filled with books, knick-knacks, old photos, movie and show posters. All surrounding the spiral stair case that connected three floors of this spacious living space. 

Taking a walk down the street from the apartment to a little diner Jack's Wife Freda was a hit! Their coffee, cookbook and food... out of this world. AND the place was packed on a Tuesday morning at 10am, and not a holiday. Filled with every age and walk of human life, it was a buzz of activity and community as we shared a long centre table on the one morning we were there before heading home. Truly a place to return to. 

Central Park, the Highline Park, Hells Kitchen and the 911 memorial... humbling and awe-inspiring. Definitely a place to return to... maybe with my husband-as-is.