doing less around the world

From Bali to Bermuda to New York and across the Georgia Straight to Vancouver Island. Traveling with my life and business partner Dean Nelson, exploring the far reaches of beautiful, fun-filled and relaxing locations. Here are some memories and travel stories of some of our adventures to inspire you to travel more and discover how to in a "do-less" sort of way. 

“I am not the same,

having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

    – Mary Anne Radmacher

From cups of instant coffee in the early morning pool dip we ritually participated in, to the thrilling rides we took into the countryside in Bali... here I will try to document some of our adventures to best of my recollection. And where my memory fails me, I'll let you be the judge whether the stories are real or really good fiction. I hope you enjoy these colourfully scenic threads of our journeys around the world... doing less to travel more!

Dean and I met at a friend's place for drinks on a hot and steamy summer night during Vancouver Gay Pride in 2015. As the story goes... neither of us were in any great mood to attend the party, as we had just had a very busy and full day. But something propelled us to attend and support our friend's event. 

Upon entering the apartment, my friend floated across the room and proceeded to kiss my hand and give me a great big hug. Dean, from across the room, noticed this and wondered what this was all about and who was this fellow that was garnering so much attention from our host. It felt like we were meant to meet that evening, as we shared our stories about life and adventures it felt effortless and very refreshing. 

After a volley of e-mails and FaceBook messaging later that evening after returning to our respective homes, we began courting the next evening and quickly discovered that we both had discovered love. 

The rest is history in the making and we continue to launch ourselves out into the world... Dean guiding me to marvelous and mysterious places and I, helping Dean to stay calm, cool and relaxed through some of these big adventures. 

 BALI - 2017 
 BERMUDA - 2017 
 NEW YORK - 2017 

Sometimes I host a little touring of local attractions in Vancouver for Out Adventures and here was my first 'outing' with a guest from Los Angeles...

"Tim Cyr did a magnificent job and put together a perfectly thought out plan. He  was a delight from start to finish and we got each other's sense of humor immediately. Starting from the first text exchanges this morning. He is a very warm, welcoming person and super smart. Which I always enjoy. He did an interesting and useful thing. The first order of business to was to take me over the bridge to West Vancouver and climb up the mountain to a public park with a panoramic view overlook. This gave him the chance to orient me to the city. It was a magnificent view and the weather couldn't have been better. Then he took us back to Stanley Park with stops along the way at cool view spots. What it did was ground me, so as we drove around Stanley Park, stopping to explore at key points, I knew where I was. We stopped at one spot where there was a huge area of exposed tide pools. And went exploring looking for critters in the tide pools.  Bingo! After a very delicious lunch on a blanket at the beach, he took me back to Opus Hotel. The tour lasted a good deal longer than planned because we were having such a good time. It ended with a great big hug. I can't imagine anyone not being charmed and delighted spending time with Tim as their guide."


– Bryan (Los Angeles traveler with Out Adventures)