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Fireworks on top of fireworks

…we deserve them, we enjoy them, we sparkle with the feeling goose-bumps up our spine when they pop and bang over our heads. So why don’t we just set them of rather than saving them up for special occasions?

Moving to the coast of British Columbia form the interior a mere one year ago has brought me more and more thrilling moments of firework lightening above my head. Driving out over icy, slippery mountain passes, I constantly questioned my motives for making the move westward. Leaving a relationship, a budding business, family, friends and security I really did question my sanity… and so did many other people in my close circle of friends.

Sanity flew out the window along the way and the only voice I heard with the gusting wind (keeping me awake along the long drive) was, “Stay on course. Get to Vancouver… that is your only focus… the rest will be taken care of when you let go.” For you reading this now… no, I’m not crazy. Yes, I do hear voices, but I like to attribute them to the voice of my higher-self… deeper wisdom or connection to what ever consciousness exists beyond us.

Taking a moment to check-in… am I really crazy. Well… everything that the “little voices” said has come true and now I’m experiencing the most spectacular light shows of abundance that I could never have even imagined.

Finding more meditation, yoga, Reiki, rejuvenation, connection and a soul group of friends and community. When we have community, we have all of the security we need. We are never alone. Even as I type this, even without a grow of people, we are never alone… we have connection. Growing this connection with myself has brought a greater awareness and a deeper understanding of who I am in the big wide world that surrounds me.

…more big bangs to come baby!

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