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Get back to the “now”

Yesterday was a weird day. For some reason there was a sense of oddness that was coursing through my body. Have you ever had the feeling that you are “out of sync” with the world around you? I wanted to do a Wii work-out (something that I really enjoy doing), but mid-way through it I reached over and pushed the off-button. Having the little Wii character ask what was wrong was cute, and very sensitive of him but I really didn’t have an answer for him. Besides you can only push the “A” button… they really don’t expect you to answer the question except to maybe just plant it in your head. Hmmm… good marketing ploy… you have to find the answer yourself without any feedback.

It followed from there that I finished up some design work, cleared out some things in my little office for recycling and was starving. I had to wait till 2:30pm when I was meeting friends for a late lunch, but upon my arrival to the restaurant, they were nowhere to be seen. I waited around for a half an hour and tried calling on all the numbers I had in my iPhone. No one there. I sat and chatted with another patron in the restaurant for a bit and then the owner came over and we chatted for a while. It was almost surreal… I was starving, but my mind was taking me to dinner in just a few hours and I knew that we’d be feasting at a BBQ place (big food, big portions, big flavour, and big horns… for those that are having a birthday they get to sport a helmet with HUGE moose antlers in the top)

…note to all of us… we’re not going there for birthday parties anytime soon… especially during hunting season which is just around the corner here in Alberta.

So… missed my friends and got a message on the machine when I got back home. They apparently were there and the restaurant was closed with no one inside. Okay… was I in some parallel universe yesterday or what?? No matter… I focused on that evenings dinner plans with other friends and feared that my stomach was going to eat me alive if I didn’t have a nibble of something. It was okay… I had some crackers when I found the opportunity and settled in for some more cleaning up the office and computer stuff till dinner time.

More interesting things came about from clients with a new marketing card I was working on and they just weren’t pleased with what I had done. What the… This day was really going sideways in a big hurry and I was not having fun and really wanted “off the ride” at this point.

Settling into dinner was even an awkward event with trying to visit with some people that I really was not connecting with at the moment. Conversations seemed strained and forced. Even the food tasted bland and not as flavourful as I had anticipated. But never the less we were there and had dinner and my stomach was full. Ahhhhh….

Today… a moment of clarity came when I pulled Fa, one of our adventuresome cats, out of the garbage that he’d managed to wriggle his way into to find scraps from dinner on the weekend. As I pulled him out, giving him a quick scolding before plopping him down on the floor and placing something “heavier” on the lid of the garbage can. I noticed him pounding into the living room and flopping down onto a big piece of packing paper that we had stretched out. He rolled around on it, purred and meowed in great pleasure and I just watched in great admiration and pleasure.

Fog clearing from my head, yes, “the moment”… “the now”… get back to “the now”. Even cards of Angel readings came in saying to stay in gratitude, stay in love were confirming that we just need to be right here right now. In taking a moment to realize that I was so out of the now yesterday, I was so out of sync with the rest of the world revolving around me. Reminders are everywhere, but sometimes our ego is hollering SO LOUDLY that we just don’t notice them and we only see the discord in everything that is happening with us and for us.

Thank you angels, thank you friends and thanks to garbage digging cats… live in that moment and find pleasure in that moment because no amount of living two minutes ago or thirty minutes ahead of us is going to be as powerful as what we have “right NOW”.

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