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Inspiring Dreams, Joy and Welcoming Home

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The people in my life inspire me greatly and this person and her journey of rebuilding her life and being open to possibilities inspires me every day.

Jaipreet (Joy) Kaur Chandna is no ordinary human being. From our first meeting at one of my retreats for Do Less a number of years ago, Joy has moved mountains ...almost literally... to build a new life for herself. When life delivered her obstacles that, for many humans, would have been debilitating, she met them head on and moved through them with a humility and grace that leaves me in awe at how powerful we truly can be.

Joy's life has taken her from her roots of growing up and living in Canada for most of her life to the countryside of Dharamshala, H.P. India where she has been building a whole new life on the side mountain. She has been creating a very special place of retreat and a new home. A home not only for herself, but her partner, her community and friends near and far. A place to have the world join her in celebrating life.

Aptly named the Araam Ka Ghar (Home of Relaxation) Retreat Centre, Joy had dreamed of a space that she could continue her yoga teachings, practice and share Gong Baths, grow and nurture sustainable food and gardens. With the help of her partner and the community, she is seeing this dream come true. At the time of this post, she is almost in the completion of the upper guest floors and putting on the final trims to the building itself. She is hoping to host travelers, teachers and students from around the world to come and visit and be refreshed by the part of the India, where not too far away, HH The Dalai Lama lives and teaches, and nature welcomes you at the front door.

From her Canadian journey where she encountered many challenging relationships and health issues, when Joy decided that she wanted to make India her home, she invited her dreams into existence. Entering into the unknown and how her next steps would be taken, or where they would land. Being open to possibility and sitting with old pains, fears and griefs, her faith in what she was seeking is what kept her stepping forward. Even when the road was rocky and marred with potholes, Joy's spirit and intention to continue forward is what is helping her see her dreams and her journey come alive today.

Thank you Joy, for allowing me to be on this journey with you. Even if we are not together on the same continent, knowing that you are out there across the oceans living your life and being open to the unfolding path before you, your inspiration and passion can fuel a world of life journeys.

For more information about Joy, or her beautiful space of Araam Ka Ghar, I've put her contact information below the photos. Thank you so much Joy. You are a joyful inspiration in my life!

Visit Joy's website at and her social media on Facebook and Instagram. Joy also has an upcoming retreat in November of 2023. Space is limited for this small grouping, so make sure to reach out and book a spot if you'd like to join her in India for the special celebration of Dewali.

Addendum... After reading this posting, Joy wanted to share more of her story...

This picture was taken mid Sept 2019, a time when my body said 'NO'. Experiencing a severe eye infection in my both eyes with no medical explanation from the doctors, and blurry vision for one and half months. I now believe that the Universe was giving me a very clear sign but I could not 'see' it ...literally! I ended up moving closer to my previous place of work work, fearing that I needed to make more money, and also kept up my volunteer commitments instead of taking time I needed to heal properly. It wasn't until I got stuck in India during the pandemic lockdown that I was able to finally regain my sight and truly

begin my healing journey.

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1 Comment

Jaipreet Chandna
Jaipreet Chandna
Jun 16, 2023

Thank you Tim for sharing my story. I am so grateful to you & all your support on this beautiful journey of my soul.

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