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Mi Amor in the most unlikely of places

Discovering this new space that I’m living in was getting to be a bit challenging one day. I am sinking into this West Coast environment a little be more each day, but it still feels surreal and “is this really happening to me, am I really here?” Through getting everything sorted an organized for my living space, I am now in a lovely home just off of Main street and 37th Ave in Vancouver, British Columbia and discovering the most wonderful neighbours and people as they walk along the street out front which, I discovered, is a major bicycle route. As I am needing a few things to fill my home, I went out to Canadian Tire yesterday to look for some chairs and little tables and odds and ends... and as I was adding everything up in my head, ego was shouting... “and you have money where to pay for all of this?” I really was sinking below the line a bit more and feeling very uncomfortable there.

As I was stopped in the middle of a aisle, an elderly gentleman approached me and was asking me about the chairs I had in my cart and commenting how comfortable they looked and how nice they would be to take out to a park and sit and watch the world go by. I was taken aback but realized that I needed to connect with this person for a bit. I didn’t know what I needed to learn or know from this, but I opened up my mind and my heart and I engaged him in a half an hour conversation about life.

He asked me what my heritage was and I mentioned that I am Canadian with hints of French and European influences thrown into the mix of my genetics. He wanted to know if I spoke French and I had to say no, I don’t know very much of it other than Qui and Merci... and a few other words to use when the need arose. He then asked if I knew the song Mi Amor and I mentioned ... “My Love? No, I had only heard about it, but didn’t know it was a song.” He then told me about how he had learned it a long time ago and then converted it into English to learn it a bit better.

The next few moments took me by complete surprise, awe and divine inspiration set in... he leaned a little closer so I could hear him better... and then he began to sing Mi Amor to me in the middle of a Canadian Tire aisle way. My heart was totally lifted and my feelings flew up above the line like a bird on a updraft of warm summer air. This was what my angels, guides... divine source energy was sending me to remind me about my mission here. in the love... be in the moment... let go of the worry and the bother and the anguish of how things will “work-out”. What an amazing day it turned into and in a few moments he was gone as the person that was helping find a blender came by to say he had found the one he had wanted. The person didn’t want to interrupt us so he stood a little ways away until the man noticed him. The man said thank you and nice to meet you and shook my hand in a warm and wonderful way when you know that special moment has been presented to you. I am in tears now as I remember this and write it... it just felt so amazing and a really amazing reminder of who I really am.

The rest of the day was also along the same lines... although no one sang to me again... I talked to many people in in the Super Store about the orchid I was buying for my new home and about the spoon and fork dinner set that was on sale the next aisle over and how shiny and wonderful it was from another lady. Our connections are spectacular and awe-inspiring. Thank you so much for reading this and getting a chance to feel a little of what I felt in my moments of query and questioning.

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