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Miracles happen when you do less

A touch, a breath of a whisper, the vibration of thoughts floating across gaps of physical contact. The feeling that is very present right now is love. A shift of consciousness has begun and it feels so right. From viewing nature and all of it’s varied forms... storms, droughts, floods, winds. To human interactions... new connections, old bonds broken, marriages of families, leaving the physical form, being renewed in the birth of new bodies. Witnessing these events is like witnessing the birth of miracles in every moment.

The events that shape our lives, taken so seriously in their unfolding, we sometimes miss the spark of magic that lies in the wake of their happening. This summer I have been witness to many such events; great storms and weather occurrences across the globe and our country. Noticing the resilience of humans and how people draw together in community to support and rebuild. How we draw deep our compassion when we see others in need is something that, in this time of seclusion and reclusion behind screens of our devices and the doors of our private homes, humans are stepping out and stepping up to draw together in support of one another. Even if it is sharing a helpful tip of how to save water in the midst of drought conditions in a space where abundance of water was always the norm in the past. To the sharing of shelter when the winds blow and the power falters in our dwellings.

To the power of drawing together in love while witnessing two families marry together in joy and laughter, the healing of past. Seeing friends form bonds of passion and creating their own sphere of love that expands and shares with their multitudes of spheres, all circling around to create a vortex of warmth and welcoming. Being present on the world-wide-web to experience the sadness and loss of great energies transitioning. Dr. Wayne Dyer, as a human being, was a massive energy of love and knowledge, a guide in my life through the dark nights of my soul, when I was in lost and seeking that which was already present, but I didn’t see it. Making sense of the things I didn’t know and contemplating the changes that would be my rebirth, a renewed sense of hope and desire that lead me to roads I travel on now.

Experiencing the power of falling in love again ...and again ...and again. Waking up every day and feeling so much gratitude for the presence of this familiar being that I have been willing into my life with intention and humbleness. “I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I knew that I didn’t know.” * A phrase that resounded in the depths of my being by someone that helped remove the walls of safety and protection of a heart that really didn’t know until it was let free to discover and be seen, be felt, and be open to possibilities beyond imagination.

Miracles. They are everywhere and in every moment of our lives. Are we willing to notice them? Are we open to the possibility of slowing down and really being present in the moment of the happening? Doing less isn’t about doing nothing and shutting out the world that can cause us to be bothered, stressed, worried, tired. Doing less is about the noticing that we don’t have to seek for more, we don’t have to fill every moment up with more sensation or activity. Doing less is a shift in our consciousness that invites the impossible to be possible by slowing down just a bit at a time. “Stopping to smell the roses...” is more than a well-known statement... it is a way of being present to what is unfolding right before your eyes right now.

Miracles happen... do less... notice what you notice, and feel the love.

* Thank you Dean Nelson for this profound statement and a new inspiration in my life.

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