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The perfect date – Day 16

We don’t have to travel very far.

Today’s practice of yoga lead to so many amazing avenues. Yes, the class was as stellar as ever with Shakti Mhi’s dedication to our learning new poses and some very interesting philosophy, but there was more today that meets the eye. It felt as though we were passing through a wall. As I was practicing my flow last night for the class today, it occurred to me that what I really might like to bring to the teaching... is me. Instead of learning the asana’s (yoga poses) line by line... start to look at how I feel about the pose and how it affects me. As Shakti is pointing out throughout the classes to “teach from the floor... observe where your students are and go from there!”, now there is the aspect of taking the pose and dissecting it not just for it’s components on how far you can stretch, which foot to put where ever first, or which little toe you put into which orifice while balancing on your belly button and contracting your inner ear muscle. ...but more importantly now, how does this fit/feel to me.

It’s sort of like taking each pose out on a date and finding out what makes them tick. What their likes and dislikes are.... yes, it may sound strange and weird, but when we think about it... when you are training to do something that you want to incorporate into your everyday life practices... why not make sure that what you are doing is a match to what you want out of the rest of the relationship.

And so... tonight’s meditation session opened up so many of these insights for me and even though I was guiding the meditation, it is ALWAYS an eye/heart opening experience just the same. Whether I’m being guided by someone else or whether I am holding that sense of stillness for a group... my search for stillness is always right where I need it... inside me.

So here is to dating the Matsyasana (Fish Pose) and the Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand and Resting Pose). These, among other, yogic yama mammas are on my plater for this week to take out and show them the town. Would you like red or white... or just a sparkling cider, chilled to perfection with a nice big sigh and a back roll.’ve got beautiful eyes.

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