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The Voice Behind the Stories

Is it just the words that make a good story, or is it how the words are shared?

Capturing the essence of a story is more than just reading words on page. It's more than taking the time to mull over the sentences as they string together through blocks of paragraphs that flow along with the flipping of each page.

It is the weaving together many elements... the writers point of view, how the listener might interpret the meaning behind the words, and how is the story is creating a relationship with the reader. As a storyteller, it is important to draw links between all of these variables to build a strong relationship with you... the listener.

The reading of stories has been passed down for many generations in my family. I have learned from my grandparents, aunts and uncles, to my parents then then on to myself and my brothers. Now sharing with my nieces and nephews and people in my community near and far, I share stories and poetry in the hopes to inspire and evoke a sense of sharing for future generations.

The delicate intricacies of the voice can be used to create a powerful and impactful experience for the subconscious mind.

Learning that not only is it important to set the stage and tone of a story, and speak clearly and concisely, but through the art of Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep)—a way of using voice to heal and meditate with—the rhythms and cadence of voice are just as important, if not more. As one of my listeners noted recently to me, "I was trying to focus on your words so much that I got lost and it felt more frustrating to me to consciously keep up." When I shared with her another way of tuning into the story session, by letting go of the words and focusing more on my voice, it became easier and more relaxed. Less about trying to "do" more... instead ... do-less.

It's almost like listening to a song. We don't always hear each word exactly, but the stringing together of the words with rhythm and beat and style, the song creates a feeling and an energy around the words that are creating the story. My listener then noted, "Ah, you could easily just be reading the phone book and creating the same effect of healing ad relaxation?" Yes. The delicate intricacies of the voice can be used to create a powerful and impactful experience for the subconscious mind. By slipping past the conscious mind that can have so many filters, calculations and preconceived judgments, we enter into a state of deeper connection with the healing mind... a new relationship, a new pathway of expansion and learning.

Storytelling is an artform. It takes time, patience and a profound intimacy with the stories that are gathered and shared between the teller and the listener. Like brushstrokes on canvas, each colour, each layer, each flick of the brush, creates a new wave of learning and exploration for the mind to wander through. Each painting, each story, creates a new and grander vista for the mind to savour and the heart to wander.

I look forward to have you join me in some of my sessions. Check out for more information.

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