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What's love got to do with it?

Updated: Jan 4


Walking down Robson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Sunday, July 31, 2016. Surrounded by adoring crowds of people. Adoring crowds, my fiancé, friends, co-workers and family, all out to share the love of Gay Pride in Vancouver for our Pride Parade 2016. Leading the gathering is non-other than Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie and their beautiful daughter Ella-Grace and little son Hadrien. (photo above by CTV-Vancouver) No matter if you voted for our country’s leader, or believe in his party and his command of the country, he is presenting to the world what love truly means to him and the people that surrounded us that day. And the feelings of love and life and acceptance and pride erupted in waves of smiles and cheers and clapping... moments of amazing clarity of life pervading every cell in our body’s.

As a human being, I have been witness to many events in life on this planet so far. Witnessing over four decades of events that have been fun and exciting, and also scary and sad. Events that have shaped my life in ways that I could NEVER have anticipated. From an early age, all I knew was that something special was happening in my life and I needed to show up for it. I noticed that when I did, magical moments would unfold before me and they would change the way I lived in the world forever.

As tragic as some moments have been, or as sad and disappointing, one thing that continued to be a sliver of shining hope through them was the potential to “choose” to be different, the choice to love more over hate, and peace over fear. Even in moments where my life felt threatened or my beliefs were screamed again, if I held on to the feeling of love, and trusted in it’s ability to heal, life would change and the circumstances around me would change - and life would evolve in the process of our human potential to be great.

Love doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be calculated, but what it does need is fertile soil to grow in. And this soil is always there, even though it might have been overgrown with weeds of hatred and mistrust. The soils is still there and just needs to be nurtured and tilled and watered. Seeing a leader of our country and his family offer there love and trust to so many around the world, to show that they can walk out in front of a crowd in public in a world where indifference and fear seem to be leading the way these days... is a powerful statement of love and acceptance.

#loveislove, #lovewins, #allweneedislove, #chooselove... these are powerful statements that are pervading the WiFi waves around the world. And each one of us... EACH ONE OF US... has the ability to choose love - to choose to be different. Choose to not hurt or feel like we need to be better or different than another. That we are all the same, we all bleed, we all hurt, we all live and die. And the greatest gift we can share... is our love for our fellow human beings and world around us. would you love to be loved? How would you like to choose to be in the next moment of life on this planet?

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