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every story starts with a beginning


The Do Less Project began in 2012, offering and inspiring individuals ways and methods by which to slow down and maybe find more value through creating space in their lives. As a modern world, many of us have a propensity to want to get as much out of life as is possible by doing and having as much as possible.


Does this truly offer us "everything" we are wanting?


Are we happy and fulfilled with the quantity of everything we gather and consume? 

What are the benefits of having and "doing" more?


Tim Cyr

Yoga & Meditation Teacher   /   Reiki Teacher   /   Integration Specialist   /   Graphic Designer

My life has been a series of fortunate events that I am so grateful to have experienced and continue to do so.


Growing up in a rural small town and helping my family on their ranch, I learned very early on the value of working hard, and the benefits of "many hands make light work". As I embarked into the career of  graphic design in the big city I then went on to work in various locations around the globe and learned that the world, for as vast as it is, is a very small place. Learning about different cultures and aspects of living, I then expanded my knowledge in yoga and meditation and energy healing (Reiki) and then the practices of Yoga; all helping to balance out the busy-ness of the graphic design world I had come to know and love. This was the beginning of the understanding for me that doing more in the world was sometimes counterintuitive to creating more space and peace, and being present in the beauty of "what is present" in each moment of living. 

The great library of life has led me to become open to many different ways of helping my community, and I now have been endeavouring to bring what I have learned into helping my community through various small and individual projects. From the simplicity of cleaning and organizing, to gardening and planting, to assisting with computers and devices for those that feel overwhelmed with today's technology, this new landscape of being a part of a new world—in the midst of pandemic and environmental crisis—is ever changing and evolving. 

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