More than a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, meditation coach, and graphic designer for over 23 years ...Tim also has talents as a handyman, a person of many trades, a spatial-organizer, a task manager, a cook and cleaner... some might even say "a mover and a shaker".

Lending a helping hand when and where he is needed, Tim offers his time and abilities for individuals for a wide and varied array of services. Tasks or jobs that often times are left because of frustration and not knowing where to start a project and see it through to completion.


With a little help, an extra set of hands and pair of ...together, we can get your list of tasks done effortlessly and with a smile.

Happy Woman


“I think your painting job helped us find great tenants! Thank you for making the space so beautiful for them."

—  Caroline C.

Contact Tim at

doless (at)