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Creating space you can do less

Lending a helping hand when you need it. This project has been born from inquiries by friends and friends-of-friends in my community. Offering assistance for small to large tasks when needed has felt like the lifting of weight through stressful and anxious times that we are all living in these days.

More than a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, meditation coach, and graphic designer for over 23 years, Tim also cultivates talents as a handy-man, a person of multiple skill sets, a spatial-organizer, a task manager, a cook and cleaner, and a lateral-thinker at your service.

Lending a helping hand when and where it is needed, offering time and abilities for individuals for a wide and varied array of services. Tasks or jobs that often are left because of frustration and not knowing where to start a project and see it through to completion, let Tim ease your workload and help out.


With a little help, an extra set of hands ...together ...we can get your list of tasks done effortlessly and with a smile.


Electronics / Handy-man / Gardening

"Dear Timothy, Done with such good cheer and grace and perfect music. I am so lucky you have arrived in my life to help me with my bookmarks, favourites and some double-clicking-fancy-finger-techniques, all leading me into the 22nd century! It was so lovely to work through my list, tidy the edging on my carpet underlay and be able to have a visit in the freshly cleaned garden to get to know each other better. You are a generous and loving soul and I am all the better for knowing you.

Here’s to the next time." – Eileen H.


Organizing / Handy-man / Gardening / Electronics

"I am in heaven with so much accomplished in the front and back garden AND the garage organized this week. I am In deepest appreciation! Loving my front yard!! So very grateful to have the cupboard clean and well organized!  And the help offered to my mamma for her computer and iPad to allow her to Zoom with family and friends." —  Sharon A.


Garden and Patio Clean-up

"Hello Timothy, Today I had my gardeners stop by early this morning to add some plants to my garden, and they were suitably impressed at the state of affairs and  the tidiness of the garden. I was so proud of the beautiful red brickwork you enhanced by getting rid of the weeds between the cracks.


It was immensely satisfying to wake up this morning and see the carpets lined up, no funny little black padding sticking out, thank you for the trim work you did. All the domestic comforts that you brought into my life — today allowed me to rest and enjoy this tidy immaculate garden. Brodie, my feline friend, joined me and is very happily lounging on the clean paving stones you refreshed. Thank you my dear for bringing me such comfort and pleasure into my life." – Eileen H.

Window Cleaning_edited.jpg

Patio Cleaning / Storage Organizing / Packing

"Dear Tim, It was so lovely to come home to such a sparkling place. Thank you for all your hard work and for keeping your smile intact through a rough day. I wanted to share what my husband John said before he went to sleep. 
'Thank you, Joyce, for knowing Lynn and for getting Tim to help us. I would have been dead without him ...he’s a keeper.'

I hope that makes you as happy as it makes me! You are so much more than a handyman!” – Joyce P.


Painting / Clean-up

“Such a great day, excellent timing and thanks so much for cleaning up and getting everything ready just in time, and your help with the washer and dryer. The suite looks fresh and amazing where you painted through the bedroom, hallway and stairwell, and we now have tenants!! A lovely young French Canadian couple.


Thank you for making the space so beautiful for them." — Paul and Caroline C.


Gardening / Dinner Preparation / Cleaning

“Tim makes everything better. Whether you are moving, need to organize your pantry, power-wash the walkways, clean the garage or prepare for a dinner party, Tim is your man. He is steady, thoughtful and thorough, taking any project to the next level.


My garden is now my haven, my garage clean and orderly, and my kitchen is shining anew. The handyman extraordinaire with a fabulous flair and an incredible attention to detail, Tim is your dream help. Productive and efficient, his calm loving demeanor makes any challenging task easier, his playful fun loving nature makes any job a joy. I am awed and grateful, always." — Sharon A.


Moving / Organizing

“Tim is so great to work with — strong and savvy — he has good ideas and is totally willing to listen to yours, and he easefully takes the  stress out of what could be challenging situations.  He made my move fun and together we accomplished a lot in a short amount of time! Whatever project  you need help with,  Tim is the right guy !"  – Lynn E.


Cleaning / Organizing

“If I gush with delight it may give the impression that I’m easy to impress, and I most certainly am not. The fact is, before Tim I have never hired a cleaner that didn’t disappoint me. And Tim had myself and all our members delighted with how he transformed our boutique gym in preparation for re-opening after covid closures. It wasn’t simply 'amazingly clean', it felt happy! The heart behind his efforts are what sets Tim apart and why things transform to their maximum potential under his care. I unreservedly recommend Tim charge more for his time, his efforts are worth every penny."  – Wendy F.


Event Assisting

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP in the last few weeks with getting ready for Patricia's wedding and helping out with the events of her wedding! Patricia mentioned that after she had gone over with you about Friday night clean-up chores, she felt totally relaxed  and able enjoy the rest of the evening. Translation:  'I could trust Tim with my instructions instead of leaving them with my Dad!' " – Chu W.

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