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I believe that any process begins with curiosity. On the journey to learning how 'doing less' in my life has helped to balance myself and the world around me, these are a few of the practices that have helped me.


Creating a personal practice

helping to entrain my mind and body, and ways of thinking, interacting and self-regulating.


Repetition, perseverance and encouragement

returning to my mat, my practices guide me to learn more about myself and the world around me.


Applying my learning through courageous interaction

this is when the rubber meets the road. I enter out into the world. I have a difference lens by which to see and perceive what is happening, and how I can better interact with it. Even if a situation is challenging or chaotic, how can my practices help me remain "in-the-moment" and calm, compassionate and caring for the best outcome of the situation.


Inviting your mind to slow down and offer single-minded awareness to each moment.

Yoga at Home

Balance of body movement, rest and breath with ease and deliberate  daily practices.

Holding Hands

Connecting to Universal Healing Energy that surrounds and interacts with the energies in your body.

Pile Of Books

Reaching out to groups and individuals in our community that need a little extra help and assistance.

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