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tes-ti-mo-ni-al ( tes-tuh-moh-nee-uhl )
something given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude.

Writing a Diary

Thank you for allowing me to share with you the power, grace and beauty through your journeys.

"I have such beautiful memories of our restorative sessions & freshly baked bread (Aunt Judy's recipe) afterwards & fresh juice & when we had our sleepover with popcorn. I hope that when I am in Canada next then if the timing aligns, I would love to have some restorative sessions!" – Jaipreet (Joy) Kaur Chandna


"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP in the last few weeks with getting ready for Patricia's wedding and helping out with the events of her wedding! Patricia mentioned that after she had gone over with you about Friday night clean-up chores, she felt totally relaxed  and able enjoy the rest of the evening. Translation:  'I could trust Tim with my instructions instead of leaving them with my Dad!' " – Chu W.


Another thing my mom said this morning about you and her sessions together...
“I really need Tim tomorrow, he is so calming, we do meditation and his voice is so perfect. I just feel better.”
This on a day when she expressed her stress and looked soooo tired. – Maureen E.


"It was a delight to see Tim as your stand-in for Tensegrity Swan. He did an excellent job and we all really enjoyed the class. He even played your regular intro tune by Bill Evans right at the beginning and we were instantly brought back to the studio 4th, business as usual like it used to be. All the music he played was great and it worked really well to use through zoom, we could still hear his voice clearly." – Elin-Sofia D.

"I think you must be a real magical creature. Usually I struggle on a daily basis to trudge up the hill from New West Station to Douglas College. My hamstrings protest and I get winded and a sore back. But somehow after doing your classes on Sunday I can go up like it’s not a problem at all." – Erin D.

"I have spoken to my mom every day and she told me after your treatment she felt so much ‘lighter’ and I sensed her tone change ...I think she really enjoyed it and benefited from it. We haven’t had too much time to talk – only great things so far and she seems happy at the moment." – Noor D.

"Thank you Tim. I had the most remarkable sleep that night...the best drug free night in years!  I’ve no doubt that energy helped me withstand the rigours of a hellish Friday." – Cincy B.

"I am really enjoying your "Do Less" series and especially appreciate the different themes that you share each session. It is developing into a wonderful introspective journey that you are taking us on." – Anne B.

"Thank you so much for the very special Do Less Silent Night session last night. It was particularly special for Jen, Lindsay, and I as it was their Dad’s birthday. This is our first Christmas season without him so I am so grateful to you for giving of your time to provide us all with such a very special experience. We loved the stories and on our drive home, talked about how we miss being read to. We particularly liked The Three Questions. I hope you will do this as an annual Do Less Silent Night Evening." – Carol O.

"Tim Cyr did a magnificent job and put together a perfectly thought out plan.  He  was a delight from start to finish and we got each other's sense of humor immediately.  Starting from the first text exchanges this morning.  He is a very warm, welcoming person and super smart.  Which I always enjoy.  He did an interesting and useful thing.  The first order of business to was to take me over the bridge to West Vancouver and climb up the mountain to a public park with a panoramic view overlook.  This give him the chance to orient me to the city.  It was a magnificent view and the weather couldn't have been better.  Then he took us back to Stanley Park with stops along the way at cool view spots.  What it did was ground me, so as we drove around Stanley Park, stopping to explore at key points, I knew where I was.  We stopped at one spot where there was a huge area of exposed tide pools.  And went exploring looking for critters in the tide pools.  Bingo!  After a very delicious lunch on a blanket at the beach, he took me back to Opus.  The tour lasted a good deal longer than planned because we were having such a good time.  It ended with a great big hug.  I can't imagine anyone not being charmed and delighted spending time with Tim as their guide." – Bryan (Los Angeles traveler with Out Adventures)

"What a wonderful surprise! Thank you for taking the time to write me a note. I really appreciate it. I thoroughly enjoyed the Yin class with you.  The restorative feeling stayed with me well into the evening. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to connecting again."
Warm regards – Carey D. (YYoga)

"Thank you for a beautiful class last evening. I liked your comment about loving one's body. Before class, when I was putting on my yoga wear I noticed a lot of wrinkles and thought, "I've been in this skin for a while. I can remember when it was firm;  I remember it when I was a small child. Bravo, Body for being strong enough to reach this stage and sty feel good!"  Actually I feel more comfortable in my skin and physically better than ever.” – Rose P. (Vancouver, BC)

"My sleep was probably the best sleep I've had in a long time! And I woke up with such minimal pain it was really amazing. Gratitude was oozing from everywhere!" – Aaron P. (Vancouver, BC)

“I’m so pleased that I am getting better at Tensegrity. Last year I couldn’t do the boat or canoe and I’m managing to keep my feet off the ground now for 2 of the 3 reps.  AND, my hips always feel fantastic after a night of Tensegrity.” – Sherry U. (Vancouver, BC)

“What a fabulous, rejuvenating weekend!!!! I have made everyone so jealous all week talking about how amazing and open I feel. I'm full of life and I am so grateful. The weeks leading up to it where rough and I was feeling down. The Blues are gone and I'm ready to rock the world!!!! I'm so in for next year. Keep me posted on details and I'll start sending out invites!!! I know some friends that really need this!!!!” – Angela E. (Do Less Retreat 2015 - Whistler, BC)

“Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity and generosity in inviting me to partake last night in the Do Less Project. It was a tremendously relaxing experience and the energy in the room was definitely one of contentment. I am a yinster who does too much, lol, always trying to find ways to weigh down, deepen, expand a pose, rather than just be in it. This is partially attributed to my having initially been drawn to yoga as a physical practice. As a student, I sought out yin classes to gain even more flexibility ... wow, can you say results-oriented? After training and getting into teaching, my approach has decidedly relaxed, but remnants remain. Which is why it was so valuable to me to be in poses that truly did not leave room to "do more", and to also learn from you, watching you nurture and customize based on people's bodies, and create an environment that was welcoming and allowed people to just be. With love and appreciation.” – Quynh M. (Do Less Workshop, Vancouver, BC)

“Humbling thank you for an amazing evening Tim. My hips and SI joints were not in great shape last night. This morning all pain and discomfort is gone. I loved the bio-mat. I still feel the warmth radiating through my back. I also never properly thanked you for the wonderful head massage. When you were massaging between my brows, it felt to me just like I feel when I pat a purring cat, such a soothing calming experience. And early this morning while quasi-sleeping, I had an experience of total acceptance for a few fleeting seconds which produced such a feeling of peace like I’d never experienced before. Coincidence...I think not! With love, appreciation and gratitude." – Candy (Do Less Workshop - , BC)

“I've really enjoyed your Yin Yoga class at YYoga. Oddly enough, I'm Level II Reiki and I picked up on some great energy both classes and had 2 unique experiences from the 2 classes I did with you. My class with you last night, I saw brilliant red/orange colors and it was centered around my Third Eye Chakra. I have never had that experience before! Your approach is brilliant! Humbling thank you." – Dena (YYoga - Yin Yoga, Vancouver, BC)

“Thank you! I can't believe how important it is to do less. I love your line about ‘taking out one thing from your schedule and do one more do less thing’. It is so important. It is crazy what your body tells you when you stop to listen and take care of it ...mind,body and soul.” xoxoxo – Amanda B. (do less... Vancouver, BC) 

“Thanks Tim. I am very, very grateful to have you guiding me through the very beautiful and gentle alignment of body, mind, and Spirit that Restorative yoga has brought to my life. I suspect that the next “re-alignment” to occur will be my mid and upper cervical spine based on the pain that I am now experiencing in those parts of my body. Fortunately, I do remember how much pain my lower back and pelvis were in when I started seeing you so, I am loving that my body is now ready to restore balance to the upper part of my beautiful body." – Sherry U. (Vancouver, BC) 

“And I’m totally looking forward to the next sessions. I’m getting it now how a group becomes very cohesive and it creates this amazing flow in the sessions as everyone moves thru the poses. My body is LOVING this yoga and my energy is really becoming “yoked”!!  Thank you for your tender care of us!” – Krista G. (Vancouver Police Yoga Group) 

“Thank you for amazing retreat. I am soooo grateful to both of you for time away from the city. I am at home and already missing the group. It was well organized on your guys part and enjoyed all the sessions, I think I attended all of them. Keep up the contribution you do to the community and how much you have touched everyone life by making them so happy being around you.” – Paula S. (attended the “do less...” retreat 2013) 

“Hi Tim. Just wanted to say thanks again for joining us for our Youth Wellness Event on March 13th. We really appreciate you offering your time and sharing yoga and mindfulness with us. Please stay in touch. We'd love to collaborate with you again in the future and please let us know if there's anything we can do to support your work. Keep Well and Keep Inspiring.” – Brent S. (Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre - The F.O.R.C.E. Society for Kids' Mental Health

“Tim! Thank YOU. What a wonderful evening for me and my friend...we had such a great time.  I will absolutely share my feedback and spread the words to friends and family. My whole acting class is already quite curious of the kind of yoga I do as I've described it as... ‘I lie on the floor for hours covered in blankets and supported by pillows and blocks - random massages occur - everyone sits around at the end glowing and eating chocolate together.’ They say the least. Thank you thank you. So very much.” – Alex S. (participant “do less...” Workshop, February 17, 2013)

“Inspired by some Twitter flutter, I purchased two tickets to Bring The Balance's ‘Do More Less’ workshop, for Peter S. and myself, conveniently just post Valentine's Day. It's the first time I've looked at the price of a yoga class/workshop and thought - yes! That is fantastic value for the event. For $40 you get 3 hours of restorative and yin yoga, a head massage, a foot rub and reiki while you zen out on your comfy mat. Only feedback - make the foot rub longer! What to expect: a very quiet, meditative like evening. Some acoustic music, candles, and at the end - bliss balls. What's lovely is that Chris + Tim do all of the work, so you truly can do more less. From setting up the room, to helping adjust your props, and putting everything away after, I felt like I was floating home. Warning: like any good drug, probably a good idea to steer clear of operating any heavy machinery after one of these evenings.” – Crystal H. (participant “do less...” Workshop, February 17, 2013 - via Yelp)

“Hi Tim, it’s “B” the pregnant one from last night ;) Just wanted to thank you and Chris for the wonderful “Do Less” yoga class last night…It was wonderful. My Aunt who had come with me has had a rough two years with depression and anxiety, so I was a little nervous for her as she was. I had told her if she needed to leave at any time we could. But she loved it and loved you guys. She said you guys are “darling”!  ;) Anyway thank you for taking such good care of my Aunt and making her feel so comfortable and also for helping me through class and making modifications where I needed them. Thank you again and you might see me again as my other Aunt is already wanting to go.” – Beriwan B. (participant from “do less...” Workshop)


“I attended the "Do Less..." workshop this evening at The Path Yoga Studio, which I purchased through Bring the Balance (Tim Cyr ran the event with Chris Brandt). I found the workshop listed on yelp events a while back, and bought my ticket as an early birthday present to myself (I like to get myself a class or workshop as a personal birthday present). After tonight's workshop, I've decided to continue celebrating my birthday all year long with the monthly "Do Less" workshop series ... The 11th happens every month, so I can pretend it's like a miniature birthday again, right? Right!

I love yin yoga, but I had never tried restorative yoga before, so I looked forward to a combination of the familiar and the new. I had built it up a bit in my expectations (being my very own birthday present and all that), and the actual experience managed to exceed my expectations. 

The space was fabulous (see my review for The Path), and the workshop itself felt like a yummy and cozy vacation inside a comfy nest. During the 3-hour class (which did not feel that long at all), we did relatively few poses, as is characteristic of yin & restorative yoga, and the instructors' vibe combined with the beautiful space to create an oasis of deep and genuine serenity in the middle of my crazy-end-of-semester life. I loved Tim's & Chris' fun and lighthearted approach because it felt genuine, and was based on a deep respect for the healing power of the practice, and for each of us as individuals. At the core of the fun was a real and true principle: trying to do "too much," as many/most of us do, is not a bad thing to do, but it does require a balancing effort of "doing less" in order to preserve and maintain our good health. 

So, I look forward to continuing my own personal insanity of work and school in the new year, but now with the balancing effect of these "doing less" moments of bliss. Oh, and they promised us that the scrumptious chocolate "bliss balls" we ate had negative calories, which capped off a perfect evening. I'm also looking into to their weekend retreat in Whistler next June. It's a yoga retreat with hot tubs and happy hour. Sign me up for that...” – Danielle B. (participant “do less...” Workshop, Dec 2, 2012 - via Yelp)


“I was at the Do Less workshop on sunday in Vancouver...and I just need to say THANK YOU again!  For someone who is always on the go, it was just what I needed.  Now to cultivate more of that in my life! - Thanks!” – Danelle P. (participant from 2012 Vancouver Yoga Conference)

“Tim thank you soooooo much for the lovely session today. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in the class. You are an amazing teacher. Love." – Lorna M. (visited Om Prem Yoga Studio, West Vancouver, BC)

“Thank you Tim... :) You are both amazing for the wonderful work you do. And my team is so very fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to work with you both on Sunday... we really do need both relaxation and bliss these days... so thank you truly.”

ADDENDUM post “do less...” Workshop (October 28th, 2012)

“I am feeling much more peaceful, rested and with more energy and wellbeing now than prior to this time with both of you tonight. i have received 3 emails of thanks already [from our team]... so please know that it's not only me who feels grateful.  :)

Wishing you both a peaceful sleep. Warmest thoughts out there.”
ADDENDUM creating more “do less...” Workshops for People Helping People

“You are so lovely... thank you for all of your generosity, energy, support, and commitment... and diligence! These 2 [new] dates have been organized so quickly!

I have been discussing Sunday's workshop with other staff in the hospital and they all seem excited by future offerings. You're right Tim- what begins as a small ripple grows and grows... it's lead to many discussions of cultivating a mindful workplace and how do we care for people we work with. I think the workshop demonstrated to many that in this crazy time of health-care when you are always meeting people's needs over your own at a crazy-making pace it is important to be mindful of returning to self... I think a craving that many of us are having these days... So a truly sincere appreciation and respect for the work that you both do.” – Andrea J. (Oncology Dept. - BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC)

“Thank you so very much for tonight's class Tim. I needed it after a long absence. I really appreciate your amazing energy and positive vibes that you bring to every class. I really admire that. See you soon! Namaste! :)" – Rob H. (Vancouver, BC)

“Dearest Tim... WOW!!!! What a truly exquisite evening - and that was before the Bliss-Balls appeared, they nearly tipped me right over the edge. My mind, body and soul are all skipping, twirling and dancing around, holding up large banners that read 'thank you so much, you rock and we love you'. Have signed up for the October evening so look forward to seeing you then! Much warmth and love to you and thanks again...” – Rebecca Jones (Vancouver, BC)

“I'm going to sum up Tim and his amazing ‘reikiflexology’ in one word - AWESOME! Thank you so much for bringing your gift to us at Curves! I'm looking forward to more YOGA too!” – Diane (Vancouver, BC)

“Thank you so much for last night.... It was awesome... I truly enjoyed every moment and will definitely be booking a few more days as soon as this morning. It was.... Pure bliss. You guys found a perfect balance in the art of doing nothing.... Love it !!! Thanks again for being who you are... Namaste” – Brigitte (Vancouver, BC)

“And from the bottom, top and all sides of my heart, and from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head, thank you!  Absolutely AMAZING! Trust me when I say this, I is truly blessed. Hugs, hugs and more hugs!” – Darlene (Vancouver, BC)

“I loved the workshop - it was fabulous, so fabulous that I have signed up for the October one, and I'm bringing my best friend too :-) Oh and I just couldn't resist next years weekend retreat so... I'm signed up!!!! Thank you so much, you both warm my heart and soul beyond belief!” – Rebecca C. (Vancouver, BC)

"I have to say your class last night was groundbreaking. The work on the feet and then somehow you also opened the chest and topped with the Reiki/head massage. You opened up some things for me that I have been working on for some time, needless to say last night and today has been a tough release of some very old junk, but I am thankful. There's love & healing in them hands.” – JB (Vancouver, BC)

“I feel FABULOUS!!! Funny story, I totally forgot we had a session yesterday until I read your message, I must say I was probably the most relaxed than I have ever been during our (distant Reiki) sessions, ever!! I feel so light weight and full of possibility. I am working to manifest friends and family in my life that support me as you do, thank you for showing me what that feels like!” – Sheri Gress (Medicine Hat, AB)

“Words will not fully describe Tim’s yoga experience at Richmond YYoga in Vancouver, BC. It was truly amazing!! Tim's engaging personality, voice, gentle manner, knowledge base and ability to clearly explain and guide the class through the session was so healing. The elements of the session flowed to initially create the space to begin — taking us out of our stress infused life and into this blissful sanctuary. The poses targeted foundational and fundamental  parts of the body (shoulders, pelvis, spine) knowing that focusing on the 'one' impacts the 'many' when it comes to releasing the body/mind. As I have physical challenges with my body, Tim provided modification and adaptation suggestions to allow me to receive the most, for me, from the poses. He attended to comfort and positioning details making me feel stable, capable and successful. Thank you for this most enjoyable opportunity.” – Linda Hurkot, MSLP,  CBP, BAT (Registered Speech Language Pathologist - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner - BodyTalk Access Trainer) (Lethbridge, AB)

“I attended Tim's class, as a guest, last Thursday evening at YYoga - Yaletown.  It was a most awesome experience. Tim has a unique talent for blending knowledge, relaxation, bliss, humour and the healing nature of yoga for restoring and regenerating the body and mind. He brought the theme of 'button pushing' to the class — and the fact that we all have buttons that can be pushed by people and situations that we may encounter during our day. The visualization that he suggested and developed through the class was very effective. It could be applied to any 'button' that one chose to highlight at that time.  Seeing the dispersion, dissolving or minimizing of the button by the end of the class, truly enhanced the meaning and deepness of the session.” – Linda Hurkot, MSLP,  CBP, BAT (Registered Speech Language Pathologist - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner - BodyTalk Access Trainer) (Lethbridge, AB)

“Thanks so much Tim -– my husband is really doing well...100% improvement -– he even drove today which would have been unheard of last week, as he could hardly get out of bed.  Amazing you are and your energy work.  Thanks soooooooooo much!” – Lorna M. (West Vancouver, BC)

“After last night's yin yoga (with Tim) my joints are all slippery and buttery smooth like never before. I can't remember ever putting my socks on in the morning with such ease. Unbelievable. Thanks to Tim I can remain a single woman (without partnering up just to get help with my socks!!) My future looks very bright today!” Yours, Old Butter Hips – Jean Smith (Yin Yoga at Curves on Broadway and Victoria,Vancouver, BC)

“Great introduction to Reiki with a good balance of theoretical background with hands-on work. Tim’s easy style and enthusiasm for Reiki made the experience enjoyable, connecting, informative and enlightening. Overall great job and I recommend taking one of Tim’s classes to learn more about the power of healing touch through Reiki.” – Curtis Redel (Level 1 Reiki at Hillcrest Community Centre, Vancouver, BC)

“The session has opened my eyes to learn and embrace a whole new world of self healing and to others that I never thought was possible until now. I’m feeling young and a part of the world.” – Jonathan Tang (Level 1 Reiki at Hillcrest Community Centre, Vancouver, BC)

“Thank you so much for your beautiful yoga... you and Tim are powerful together... I had some great shifts today with the energy and I am so grateful... Tim when I look at your face I think of the smiling Buddha and I see your love first and foremost... how grateful I am to have experienced your love and energy once time you are in town I would like to take your Reiki as it has been years since I first took it and you would be an amazing teacher... thank you for your chants Farren & Tim they touched my heart. All these good energy shifts and look what comes effortlessly. May you both be as blessed as we were today sharing in your love energy!  Namaste.” – Janice Neigum (Yoga taught with Farren Assaly - - Medicine Hat, AB)

“Many many thanks for the Reiki. I love how there are no boundaries to time and space. I felt your presence and reiki around 11:30/12-ish today. Right when I needed it the most. It was interesting as I woke in pain and basically feeling like there was so much energy pulsing in me that I could explode, and it wasn't actually a good feeling. My head felt like it was going to pop off! I sat in the yard and heard the message---let go---some tears came, the physical pain subsided but I still felt like there was too much light pressing down from the universe....then all of a sudden it eased everything and I had the thought/feeling of- I think Tim's sending me reiki right now. I sat in that glorious and peaceful feeling for a while, receiving and although I was tired, things shifted. Thank you!” – Marda T (Distant Reiki, Tofino, BC)

“Some observations:  lots of tingling through out my body and particularly in my limbs as well as the sacrum (always a cool feeling). I engaged more senses – smell of lavender – taste, a mild sweetness – sensation of touch as well as many more levels today – external, a slight cool breeze, the Wei Qi layer was sensitive and of course, internal sensation. I distinctly felt a rocking motion (vertical, head to toe) for quite a while at the beginning. There was a definite balancing of the yin-yang energy within my body – this was really important. My right arm had some pain by the end of the session (good pain, of course) so I decided to do a BT meridian balancing technique and this helped. I will be making observations for the next 24 hours, so my body is able to cycle through the 24 hour clock. Now, for the attitude adjustment – I am just fine with that – there are always things to improve on and I am prepared to just go with the flow. I really appreciated your description of how the session would start and what it would affect –  are part of the whole. Thanks for speaking my language!!” – Linda Hurkot (Distant Reiki multiple treatments, Lethbridge, AB)

“About a year ago, my 15 year old son started to develop various symptoms that led me to believe that he may have a brain tumour. He was experiencing headaches, fatigue, behavioural changes, vision problems and numbness down his arms. We had been monitoring a calcification type growth on his left optic nerve for 3 years but there had been no changes as far as the ophthalmologist  could see. While waiting for an MRI scan I decided to have Avery (my son) take some Reiki sessions from Tim at The Greentree. He went for about 10 treatments and it seemed as though that after each treatment some of the symptoms became exasperated. As time grew closer to his MRI appointment Avery was not having near the problems that had previously persisted for so long. Avery went for the MRI scan and an Angioplasty and the results found noted nothing out of the ordinary. It has now been 6 weeks since the scan and we are so happy to report that he has been 90% symptom free since Tim’s treatments." – Lorie W. (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"I went to see Tim for my very first sessions of Reiki when I found out that I had a large cyst in my abdomen that needed to be surgically removed.  My sessions with Tim left me with a sense of calmness, a positive outlook, a feeling of being centred and grounded. But the distance Reiki session that Tim preformed while I was in surgery is what really blew my mind!  I have been sedated for 3 other operations in my lifetime, and each time I came out of surgery with different experiences, none that were ever positive. I was definitely not looking forward that part of my surgery. However, when I came out of surgery this time I was very calm and completely aware of my surroundings! I had conversations with the nurses that I still remember to this day!  For the entire day, even with being heavily medicated, I felt fully energized, the incision was smaller than needed, there were no post operation complications and the cyst, that was removed, was smaller and completely benign. I hope to never have to go through another surgery again, but if I do I will definitely be seeing Tim for my mental and physical preparation before and during the procedure (using distant Reiki throughout the operation)." – AF (Hands-on and Distant Reiki treatment)

"Woke up so consumed by thoughts this morning — old habits of analyzing to control others instead of focusing on the peace within me. My peace. My purpose. The Reiki session was a part of today's focus to release those patterns, the old habits. When Tim touched the front of my head I could feel the release/flow of energy. The peace flowed through me and I went off into  a nice, deep sleep – rejuvenation of the mind and soul — thank you Tim." – JL (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"Was totally relaxed, no tension! Right hip that aches all day normally is now pain-free!! Really easy to get and feel right with the world, body and spirit." – DP (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"I rushed through supper and was a bit late for our (distant Reiki) appointment at 7pm, but I made it. I stretched out under a blanket as best I could with my sore hip. Went into some deep breathing and did feel some heat in the palms of my hands and various tingling in my legs. After quite a while, I decided to grab a bowl of Gelato and lay back down  and was astounded that I could lay on my left side! This is usually not possible. I watched a little TV laying on that side and even slept that way. I went to sleep very early and slept like a log. My idea of a great evening. Thank you very much!" – Judy Villett (Distant Reiki treatment)

"I have a funny report... I had written our (distant Reiki) appointment in my day-timer for Sunday evening, but had put into the following Sunday rather than this one yesterday. SO, subsequently I had forgotten all about it until 7:30pm last night. As I sat on the couch doing some sewing I noticed how unusually well my hands were feeling and working – as I have arthritis in my joints sometimes it is a bit stiff and painful to sew – then remember to look at my daytime and noticed the boo-boo about the time for our session. I decided to go with the flow and  concentrated on the energy that I could feel and continued to sew. What a joy... energized after a long day and again slept like a log later that evening. Thank you very much! My hip has been better today too." – Judy Villett (Distant Reiki treatment)

"The heat/energy through your hands was amazing! My facial tension and chronic nerve pain in my jaw was gone! Very relaxed and deep breathing. Rested and moving freely once again, my hands feel very good with no arthritis pains at all. It felt like the deep cradling of love I have experienced during a cycling accident black-out and near death experience. This is love, nurturing like a mother's love - the core of life energy some how. Thank you!" – Judy Villett (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"It is so true that the sessions I had with JV in both Distant Reiki and Hands-On were very powerful sessions.  And what I was most impressed with was the speedy recover that was made through the surgery process and hospital stay. JV's body was already going through the healing process prior to the surgery and helped in the recovery process greatly. A balanced body is more apt to heal quicker than one that is in distress from extreme circumstances such as surgeries. JV was out of the hospital in 2 days rather than the 4 days she was booked to stay for. Along with the Reiki treatments is is also good to note that JV also was on a balanced diet with new Naturopath supplements as well as swimming and Pilates training to strengthen her body prior to the surgery. Every thing to enhance your health is absolutely wonderful to speed recovery." – Tim (Practitioner Note for JV)

"The energy that flows from head to toes and back again. I can't remember when the peace was so present. Thank you Tim for giving me a new focus for calmness." – JH (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"Scoured from the inside. More room  in all the spaces. Lots of it! From the inside to the outside. More space between my joints more space between objects in the physical world. Senses sharpened. Colours are vivid. Sounds are vivid. All the sharp edges are gone. Increased presence of increased calm. Sense of urgency is gone." – OF (Distant Reiki treatment)

“Sometimes a battle as my healing muscles pull and spasm under Tim's warm, healing hands. Maybe they're getting back into alignment. I have felt an amazing flow of heat/energy radiating in long strands from Tim's hands. My progress has been very fast and strength returns every day since my hip replacement surgery. I have looked forward to the deeply relaxing (Reiki) sessions with Tim — mind and body at rest. Thank you for the comfort!" – Judy Villett (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"I haven't had a Reiki treatment in almost 9 years, and was looking forward to today's session! The first thing I noticed was a warmth emanating from my solar plexus. Very nice indeed. The other thing was the colours: indigo/blue with swirls of green and sometimes yellow." – Jane Clarke (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"Thanks for the treatment. Wow! The energy I felt while you were preparing before the treatment even began was incredible. What I felt was amazing. The energy flow began in my toes and ran up my body and out of the top of my head! There was so much heat in my head and face as you began and the whole time you were working on my head I could feel a very strong pulse. Awesome! I experienced the same feeling when you were working on my feet. As often happens to me during a Healing Touch or Reiki session, my whole body is alive with energy and it is difficult to stay still. MY BACK FEELS GREAT!" – Jane Clarke (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"This was so wonderfully great. Total relaxation instantly. I experienced warmth in my feet right away. This was great as I usually have cold feet. I felt immobilized. I was fascinated by the vibrant shades of green throughout the session. I am at relaxed and at peace. Thank you so much Tim." – SL (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"I have ALWAYS loved to fly to distant locals and vacation retreats, but for many, many years (actually since I was very young and remember driving to Grandma's farm) I have always suffered from motion sickness. I was always popping Dramamine or Gravol tablets before a flight or a long drive and always feeling either groggy or dehydrated for hours afterward from the effects of the medication. I decided to try a test on a flight earlier in 2009, just after taking my 1st Level of Usui Reiki Ryoho. I was not going to use any medication and see if practicing a few moment of Reiki on myself would help in my travel sickness. It was an astounding success! I found that I was completely energized and not groggy for the entire flight. I was not dizzy OR felt any queasiness from the slow and steady motion that would usually send me into a sweaty panic of trying NOT to throw-up. And ever since then I have used self-Reiki practices to help with stomach uneasiness in many situations." – Tim (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"Each experience is as unique and as different as a snowflake, and each person relays their feelings and thoughts so differently from one to the next. I thank you so much for letting me have a hand (literally) in helping to guide you through the healing and relaxation process. To each and all of my students, clients, friends and family."   – Tim

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