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Calm Sea

In a world that promotes
doing more.

What are your possibilities
for living more fully through the arc of your life more effortlessly?

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About the Do Less Project

In a world that expects and teaches us to  react faster – do more – work harder,
learning how to listen, slow down, notice, connect to community, live intentionally
...this is the re-evolution of your living healthy and dying well.

Explore the potential of your own healing,
reducing stress, feeling more balanced, rejuvenated
and spacious moments everyday your life.

Discovering how doing-less can help enable more out of your living and dying experiences.

Couple at Home
Family Garden

starting point

Where to begin?

Start with something as simple as noticing a thought. Thoughts are powerful. Like seeds that contain all of the energy to bring new life, your thoughts are the seeds that can offer the initiative to take the next steps in offering more balance in your life.


How to integrate into everyday life?

Taking in every moment as an invitation, an opportunity to experience integral meditation. By fostering a slower, or a more balanced flow, around everything that you do in your life, doing less creates more space for what nurtures you and life around you.


Why is less ...more?

Our world is full of more. Things, processes, distractions. Begin to engage the principles from our personal practice out into the world, begin to notice how the things we think we need ...we no longer need. What is truly important to you?

Articles and Blog

"To live a pure unselfish life,

one must count nothing as one’s own

in the midst of abundance."


Aspects of a do less life

Light and Shadow Portrait

Meditation and how to begin the process of observing moments.

Outdoors Yoga Class

Yoga and forms of somatic movement  that help to enrich and entrain your body.

Reiki Therapy

Re-awaken the intelligence of your own body's ability to heal with Reiki.

Child Planting in Greenhouse

Being a part of community and offering assistance with Here-To-Help.


How to be with your end of life journey.  Death is not a finality, but it is a part of living.

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