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A path divided

This week I discovered another connection to another level of thinking. One night I laid in bed and pondered why I was slower with my healing studio. I was wondering what it was that I was doing, or not doing that would allow people to come and visit me for relaxation and healing purposes. Of course my ego was also at the table and he was saying, "charge less, find a quieter place to have your studio, market yourself better..." and on and on and on. But I also honoured my spirit that was there too in this spritely discussion. It was sharing with me thoughts of focus and release.

Focusing on one direction instead of multiple... ie. my design business AND my healing world were not meshing completely. And lately I have been finding that for the times that I enjoy designing, it is not giving me as much peace as it once did. In this vein of thought (thank you spirit for sharing) I decided to let go and release that portion of my life. It was a bit sad, as I do really love sitting at the computer and playing in the world of design and marketing, colour and flair... but I desire to be doing something else even more.

Though having a discussion of this type in my head might lead some to think, "this boy's crazy and gone round the bend." It was a very pleasing way of having a conversation with "myself" rather than what the outside world thinks or says. Clearing space to allow free-flow of thoughts is like sitting in a group of people and no one is judged, all thoughts are relevant and anything goes... or comes. :) It was a way to connect with this other way of thinking... letting the thoughts come into my mind and then allowing the answers to follow the questions. There, quite literally, wasn't even a fraction of a second between the questions and the answers, it was effortless and very care-free. I also let myself have a part of what I love about design stay... I will not give it up completely, but I will do much less of it and only do the projects I really desire rather than the picking ALL of them that come to me. This way I honour my new path that has entered my life so freshly and effortlessly. Finding a single path to walk on entices me to move further and further in the development of what is happening "in the now".

We get caught up so fast and furiously in taking all that we can get sometimes that we forget our mission... we forget what we are enjoying and it becomes more a struggle to complete. Sometimes a path divided can lead to straddling a very thorny bush... and who likes a thorny bush up the mid-section. When it comes time to move to another path it will be as wonderful as it is walking on this singular path as well... smooth meandering to all of you in motion.

...expect a miracle.

...they really DO happen.

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