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Dignity in the flow – Day 17

Watching what people are doing is a very important element for any class... and yoga holds no exceptions. Actually yoga is held in very high esteem when it comes to making sure that no one is left out.. Learning that when we are teaching (from the floor) and watching the individuals as they move through the flows, if we, in our teaching, skip ahead to quickly to keep up with the faster students or when we are holding a balancing pose (for me this is still very tricky) we need to watch where the slowest or weakest student is and still bring dignity to the postures for them.

Dignity in these terms... is allowing each individual the absolute fullness that they can achieve out of a posture, or that they can strive for, without taking anything away from the overall theme of the class. When standing in a balancing pose (usually on one foot such as Tree or Eagle) we don’t want to rush them through the pose but we also don’t want to have people falling down out of the pose and feeling like they failed in “sticking it” all the way. Same as if someone is doing slow yoga (advanced yoga) and we are pushing them to rush or hurry up because others are in mid-coming up... rushing takes away from the meditative practice of the flow for those individuals.

Finding dignity in the flow is a beautiful state to be in for anyone... beginner to advanced, from teacher to student, from guru to protege. Everyone deserves to be in their own flow, the same as being in their own life. Watching, listening, connecting with the people around you is what life is all about. What did you learn today about your neighbour?


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