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Dreaming about your teacher! – Day 10

Is this something that happens on day 10 or what? I have had the most interesting and lucid dreams about my classes... but more interestingly... my teacher. I know it is one thing to become immersed in ones’ projects, but wow... even in sleep!?!

It is totally cool, we had a good laugh about it today, but she was wondering how “interesting” the dreams were. :) I said that I’d save that for another time over a beer. :)

But today, was a very moving day actually besides the dreamscape that has been occurring. I awoke and was out of sorts. And it seemed to last for the better part of the day. Possibly lack of sleep, as I’m trying to get caught up on other things around my studies. And then making sure that my studies of my yoga postures are coming together as well. One concept, that I know about the dreamscape, is that we often find that our subconscious is working out that which we find stressing in our waking, or conscious lives. Not that my classes are stressing in the least, but I am finding them an AMAZING challenge at points.

For instance... thinking that I have to remember “everything” can be overwhelming. But the more repetition and the more we work together as a group to sustain and support each other, the more we learn and allow the teachings to sink in. It really is almost a “living dreamscape” that I am living these days. As projects outside of the studies are also coming into play for September... leaving me time to study in the here and now and then move into the “new life” in the fall.

...and no, my teacher wasn’t naked in the dreams. Sheesh... get your mind out of the gutter! But if she was, It would be a stunning body none-the-less... and something to be admired and adored.

...nighty night! ;)

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