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30 days to do more

I had no idea what was going to happen on this 30 day journey out of my comfort zone. 30 days to be in close proximity to my fiancé and his family. 30 days to step foot onto other continents. 17 of these days to be on a ship, on the ocean, away from a world that I know, and away from my regular practices of living my regular life. I was feeling a wee bit ungrounded. More food, liquor, entertainment and opportunities to explore than I have ever been exposed to in my short 43 year life span.

It has been years since I’ve been on a holiday that was any more than two weeks at a time. Embarking on a journey that would take myself and my fiancé and his family, soon to be my family, on a journey from Tokyo, Manila, Singapore, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney... this takes some planning and, for me, a whole lotta courage to step into the world arena of travel. My saving grace... my fiancé and my willingness to be open to possibility and trust.

Possibilities began showing up the first moment touching down in Tokyo. A land of vending machines on every street corner, hotel rooms the size of a small horizontal closet, food variations of all shapes, colours and sizes... and a bustle of energy that seemed to be governed by a steady pace of “doing more”. Something that I am REALLY not used to in my yogic/meditative/Reiki “do less” life. Possibilities of fun and adventures in Singapore, both physically and mentally. Art, sculpture, tastes, smells, sensations and imaginings; this journey was one of abundance and pleasure, but also sadness and grief. Of which great conversations and emotions were shared and brought forth.

My journey also brought about an very special coming-to-terms with who I am and what my values are as a human being. Expressing and standing up for my rights as a gay man in a loving relationship with my beloved, and mirrored in how I established ways of grounding my mind and body on a gently rocking ship, floating in a wide open sea. Here was the arena of showing up as a man, a teacher, a traveller, a partner, a student. This journey was so much more than I could have ever expected or imagined.

Now to bring these learnings back home into the arena of life on the west coast of Canada. Adding to my everyday adventures that are no less brilliant than standing on our stateroom balcony in the full-moon light staring out at a tranquil sea of reflective silver and falling stars streaking across the sky... to bring home the feelings of wholeness, imagination, creativity and love. This is where we have opportunity to shine the light of our experiences, from where ever we have collected them. The stories and the images paint the picture for our fellow friends and families. I am feeling very full, not only of the stunningly flavourful food and drinks, but of the people and shared experiences on this incredible journey.

...more yet to come.

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