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60 kids... yoga... inspiration!

Teaching oh so many kids today was pure inspiration. There were a few that had done yoga before, but for the most, they had never experienced yoga. It was an amazing day. It was one that was actually something of a surprise. I had been visiting a local yoga studio yesterday and one of my friends was their as well and mentioned that she was looking for some extra teachers to teach a day of yoga to a large group of eighth graders. Who am I to turn down a fun time!!

I was just an assistant the first class, but then was invited to teach a full couple of classes... simply outstanding. Once again, I was introduced to some incredible human beings. Learning so much about myself as I did about the teaching styles of Hatha yoga. I approached the class with a flow (a series of postures) but ended up improvisation new postures, sharing the connection with the kids and expressing how each of us has the ability and power to do what we need to do to make the choices for ourselves. Trust ourselves, allow ourselves, and follow our greatest ability... our own intuition.

The day went by way too fast. I even got a couple hugs and some hand-shakes out of the experience. I was actually really blown away that I had made such an impact with some awesome kids.

...stay young!

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