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And... breed – Day 20

Every time we guide someone into a pose... “Now engage your core and as you inhale, lift your...” We sometimes forget to remind people afterward “to breath”. We leave them hanging in... “when do I exhale?” So one very important thing to remember to say to the class is, “And breathe.” But on this one “funny bone” day, one of my fellow teachers was so caught up in her words, or was tripping over her words, that instead of “breathing” it came out as an exasperated, “AND BREED!”

This is especially funny when “breathing” is the most important thing to do in a yoga pose... so... is breeding the most important?? :) Not that we’re condoning increasing the population of yogis and yoginis, but “breeding” isn’t usually a practice that we tend to teach in our line of work. Never the less... we continued to breathe and laugh and carry on to our next pose with a lighter heart and a smile on our faces.


Then there was the “demonic OM-ing” in one relaxation we did the other day. Usually there is a tone that the teacher leads with that others can go higher or lower around, but one teacher had such amazing and intense low OM that no one could gather around. We tried, but it went deeper and deeper... finally Shakti had to call a halt to the OM and start again. Forever known now as “the demonic OM”.

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