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Bringing light to a pose – Day 3

“Now remember to close your mouth... there are mosquito’s in here that might fly in.” Breathing through one’s mouth is an important thing to do... not only to avert swallowing a mosquito, but also to bring balance and harmony to the Prana, or life force energy of yoga, that we draw in as we breath. Today as I was focusing on the ever so “heart-opening” Asana, yoga pose, of Cobra, I was focusing just a bit too much and began and had my mouth open breathing very un-consciously. As I watched Shakti (my ever so enchanting instructor) for guidance, she smiled as she inspired me to push my shoulders lower and then then ... made light of my gaping mouth.

Yes, yoga is a form of many masteries and, as I was taught today, we may take years to master one physical form of a posture, but then there is the breath that we strive to connect with, then the Prana, then... There are so many layers to yoga that I am discovering. Similarly to my violin practice as well... music as any language, yoga, healing, relaxation, what ever we do in life, everything is a multitude of layers that, once combined, form a bridge that can span great distances... and gaping mouths. :)

As I closed my mouth, I started to laugh and it then threw my whole breath practice out the nearby open window. But then again, isn’t that what it’s all about? Lightness... we aren’t in postures to look or be serious... yes... focused, guided, centered... but there is, what I am discovering through my many teachers, a way of looking at yoga as a lightness. A way of connecting through love and brevity that we often forget about in our daily practices of connection to self and the world surrounding us. When we are looking at these practices to steady our unsteady trek through life, isn’t it more about bringing light to our inner wisdom?

I loved that moment. ... the moment the light went on. Through the smile of my instructor and her loving guidance.


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