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Building relationships

Many hands make light. These past few months have been a whirlwind of re-invention and re-calibration for myself and the community I live in ...and planet earth, in general! I've been observing the unfolding of changes in our social–economic–environmental systems and have wondered what my place is in all of these changes.

What can I do to make a difference?

I questioned what skills and offering I could/can share share with the world, and a few friends commented on my skills of offering help where and when it was needed. That I have an innate way of organizing and prioritizing projects and tasks to make the workflow effortless and peaceful. During times and events that could feel stressful, I've been able to add a sense of calm and ease in these potentially stressful and anxious moments. This got me to thinking about how I might expand on this and integrate it into the "do less" modality of living.

Not a business

It's actually about building relationships. Although everything in life is about relationships. Adopting this motto, and way of envisioning my work, has shifted the way that this new line of work and community-interaction has expanded and is continuing to unfold.

Keeping an open mind and listening to my body, to realize that I can do something and can't do everything, if I am unable to do something, I can help organize or find someone who can!

Getting started...

  1. Read about previous experiences Here To Help

  2. Reach out with an inquiry your needs

  3. Initial connection to chat about the scope of your project

  4. Set up a schedule, times and dates and costs involved to get the work started!

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