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Can a corpse smile?

Sound and relaxation... an amazing experience when combined together in Savasana, the Corpse Pose. Every Saturday Shakti Mhi and Pepe Danza come together to create the Yoga Experience at the Prana Yoga Studio. They sculpt an amazing two hour yoga class that incorporates the melodic rhythms of sound with the charismatic charm and cadence of voice and breathing. While Pepe plays the crystal singing bowls, Shakti guides the class though groupings of poses that increase your Prana (Universal Life Force Energy) ten fold.

At the end of class while lying in Savasana with our eyes closed and our bodies completely relaxed Pepe hauntingly plays the Shakuhachi Japanese Flute. I can only imagine that if I were actually dead in Corpse Pose, my mouth would still curl into a silly grin... with each of my atoms and molecules buzzing and humming with energy after the yoga... now to have the whispers of wind through a beautiful bamboo reed lull us into absolute bliss.

So... do corpses smile? This one sure does and I can only continue to smile and smile and smile. Thank you Shakti and Pepe for an amazing experience of sound and yoga.

...keep smiling!

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