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Coming back to centre

Spending time in meditation class today was the a beautiful beginning to the day. It was spectacularly followed by Dim Sum with fellow friends and class mates, then a great sauna at a nearby yoga studio with another friend. All of this was followed up with move visiting with friends downtown and then a walk to Robson for a light snack of a Cinnamon Roll and Samosa (really YUM!). Afterward a play was taken in that a friend of mine was performing in. And it was such a beautiful and funny play too.

But then things were feeling strange... not sure where this energy was coming from, but as I headed back out into the world after the play there was a light drizzle of rain coming down, a chill in the air and a very strange vibe. I walked to a nearby buss and just as I was stepping out into the rain from the bus shelter... it drove past me. Hmmm, I thought... that was interesting. I didn’t have to wait long for the next one, but being that it has been a busy week, I was a bit tired and wanted to get home to bed.

After catching the next bus and connecting with my car and now comfortably in my bed... the lingering feeling of off-putting energy remains. I’m going to do an evening meditation tonight and re-connect... find centre. Sometimes things are just out of whack and they need to be reset possibly. The Universe is always in the flow and working just as we need it to, but sometimes the physical body takes time to catch up to the new surroundings of energy.

Here is to an amazing week of interaction, inspiration, integration and imagination.

...what comes next?!

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