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Coming to terms with ones self just as important as coming to terms with the the other humans we live with. Recently having a change in my relationship has set me to pondering some things that I have been desiring to ponder for a while. ... getting back in touch with who I am has been is one of them. We all deserve to be in touch with who we are and what we do in our lives. Are we living according to what and how we think we should be living, and are we actually doing what our heart is telling us?

Last evening, Christmas Eve, was filled with so many miracles that I was having a difficult time keeping up with them all. I took myself on a date with myself. No friends, family or anyone in my presence except for the random bystanders that were joining me in these activities. After cleaning the house I am currently house sitting, I then thought... what about doing a bunch of movies at the movie theatre downtown Vancouver. Perfect!

Heading out after getting ready, I usually consult my iPhone to see when the next bus is coming along, but I new I was running a bit late and had a few blocks to go to catch the transit. I put my iPhone back in my pocket and headed out into the deluge of rain and asked for the timing of the bus to be perfect. No sooner had I walked up to the bus stop, my bus showed up. :) Wow!

Checking the time, it was going to take me about 20 minutes to get to city centre from across the bay and would be the exact time the movie would be starting. Once again... asking all will be perfect... after being dropped off at the transit stop, I sprinted up to the theatre that was 2 blocks away. I CAN RUN! I having run in a long time because of my sore knees... but I found myself running and feeling great. Today I feel a bit of pain, but in the moment... it was effortless.

I got to the theatre at the perfect time... no line-up AND when I asked to see two movies for myself... the assistant promptly said I have two free tickets on my Scene Card (points card)... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! Wow. Even my date was picking up the tab for this auspicious outing. :) The first movie was also delayed with so many trailers that I was not late at all. I found a seat right in the middle of the theatre, even though it was packed with people. I didn’t feel awkward excusing myself as I moved past happy film watchers as they moved their legs politely for me to get past.

Amazing movie called The King’s Speech... if you get a chance to see it... everyone applauded at the end of the film and it’s stunning story and brilliant acting. WOW. A movie I had no idea about until David and Bridgette from Smither’s BC told me about it. And not one that I would normally have taken in... a great surprise!

Then a break for some sushi and hot Sake at Azia’s just around the corner lead me into feeling perfectly stuffed and filled with yummy flavours. The next movie was Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Another stunning and most insightful movie. So many messages about connection and bringing oneself into a state of knowing... a state of consciousness. ... a state of love. Tears and laughter and a ride home on a bus that was perfectly timed to pick me up out of the rain for the next leg of the journey.

... a bus always comes to pick you up when you need it. With love and light... I share with you all an amazing new season.

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