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Connection in the most unlikely of places

Once we set out on a journey of self discovery, we let go of “what is” and sink into that feeling of “what might be”.

It can be a very hard place to be present in as we are always wanting to control the situation, control the people that we are with, control the feelings we are experiencing, control... It can be a challenge to let go, as we so often are that mode of “hold-on”. I read something today that was very interesting, “holding onto a burning hot ember only creates that urgency to toss the burning ember to someone else.” ...and who wants to catch a burning hot anything?

I have been finding, as of late, that letting go of my control of things, events, circumstances, is leading me into some very beautiful happenstances of life. Meeting people, going places, experiencing life. Even the other night I did something that, now-a-days, we are always told to never do because bad things happen when people to it. I went for a midnight stroll through Stanley Park in Vancouver. It was the most magical event I have done in years. I went not anticipating anything other than happiness and joy and I got back those feelings 100 fold. I went for a walk with a new friend his dog... walking along the sea-wall and seeing the Lions Gate Bridge lit up at night was a spectacle to just stand in awe of.

As we meandered along the seawall, we diverted our walk to a pathway that led us near the Vancouver Aquarium and a War Memorial that reached up into that night sky with a Chinese Pagoda perched high above with a moon-light shining eerily into the darkness. We could see the light of the moon itself shining through the line of trees where the path broke a straight line along our view. We stopped and stood looking at this amazing sight and became mesmerized by the stunning beauty and energy that surrounded us.

Magic happens when you least expect it. That evening my expectations were to enjoy the moment, and let go of any control my ego might have had on me. I have not let go at this level for a very long time. Completely surrendering to this moment of peace and happiness. Snug in my warm jacket and toque (winter wool hat that us Canadian’s wear to keep our ears warm) and my cozy gloves... we walked in the all encompassing darkness with the sounds of the forest around us. The waterfall, the trickling of the creek. Even the hum of the city could be felt, but not seen and it was a feeling of complete love and appreciation and gratitude for my purpose here on earth in this life-time.

When we find these moments, remember them. Know that we can have these moments whenever we need them. Find yourself safe in the knowledge that you are a beautiful and blessed being of light that can plug into that “outlet of Universal energy” when you need to.

My love and appreciation to you all my dear friends this winter season. May your toques be warm and your jackets be that hug on a cool crisp night.

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