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Cork bobbing and a song in my heart

Hello dear friends near and far,

Thank you so much for sharing all of your amazing New Year's memories and resolutions. Here are few of mine over the past couple of days as well in photos. It has been a challenging season, but a good one. I have so much appreciation and love for life and love and our experiences. I know that all things have a cycle... be that good or bad is what we attach to it. In the ending of many things and moving into a new vein of life has been some cork bobbing for me. I have been practicing Effortless Prosperity for about 4 years now and will never forget that moment that a dear friend gave me a copy of the first book of Bijan's (

Discovering that I CAN make a path through this world has been so empowering and now being able to share it with so many others whether it is through this global/Universal miracle-sharing group or be it through the Reiki, meditation coaching and connecting I do with www.bringthebalance[dot]com (one of my first websites). We all can discover our own paths and sometimes we go alone (although never truly alone), and sometimes we go with other individuals or groups along that same path. We walk that path that we need to walk and only hope and desire to leave our foot prints without crushing the delicate plants beneath our feet or breaking a branch as we move through the forest. The forest will regenerate and the ground will flourish after we have passed through that space.

2011 brings about new transitions, and an abundance of prosperity beyond the wildest of dreams. I have no idea how it will all come to formulation, but I do know that the next steps of moving to a new city and treading a new path will see my cork bob up and down... sometimes lingering below the line but then knowing that it will surface again in mere moments... soaring high above the surface of that vast and ever present ocean of life.

May your cork bob and fly to the moon... may your paths be long and fruitful with joy, sunbeams and the song of birds. May you love life with the verve I know you all to have within you. And may we continue our connections as strong and as much as we so desire... knowing that we are all here to contribute to ourselves in so many ways. If you ever wish to spread your wings and take a trip out to Vancouver, BC, Canada... I will be welcoming you with open arms, a great big hugs smile and a song in my heart....

...cause that's really all I know. :)

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