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Country boy is back in the city again

Or at least that is how it feels on the drive back to the west coast. I was meandering through the mountains today on my drive from my home town of Pincher Creek, Alberta, with some thoughts of, “WOW... I’m going back to my home in Vancouver... big city... big plans!”

Somewhat daunting in a way, to have been among so many lovely friends and family over the past two weeks on the prairies of Alberta, but exciting and thrilling to begin this next leg of the journey. After connecting with people through all of my genres (graphic design, Reflexology, Reiki, teaching, yoga)... GOD... I’m all a flutter as to what the next while is going to be like when I engage these things in Vancouver. :)

This upcoming two weekends I’m already immersed in teaching Reiki (Level 1) and getting myself promoted out to the local yoga studios and doing up some graphic design projects. ... I have to say, I really love my life. These are all things that I can see myself doing till the day I die. How many people can say that they never want to retire?

A great group of friends awaits me back in the grand city by the sea, but I want to thank all those that made my Alberta visit such a huge treat. Reminding me that no matter how far away we may physically move, we are never disconnected.

...keep on loving life!

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