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Definition of love

To love oneself is pure ecstasy, pure divinity, pure solace.... pure.

I was contemplating this word the other day and how it has defined so many people, situations, circumstances, moments. Yet we as humans still place so much emphasis and limitation on this word. Linking it to judgments of good or bad, happy or sad, hard or soft. When we are “in love” the world is a bright and shiny place, but when we are not “in love” the world seems edgier, harsher, lacking. Why do we place so much weight on this word? It is not the event or circumstance... it is not the physical actions of sex or giving or taking or sharing... is is something so much more powerful and profound.

For if we depart from this world, we leave loved ones. When we move on from a relationship, we leave loved ones. When we separate ourselves from doing good things... we leave loved ones. When we move from one location to another, we leave loved ones. In pondering this fact that eventually we leave, depart or separate, why do we place so much on this event called love and when we do not have the physical connection any longer we no longer say we have love. If this eventuality is a part of our physical human existence then where does the torture come from? Can we not just say that love is eternal? Love is the essence of itself... pureness, unconditional, unabating, unlimited.

If we never feel into love, we would never crawl out of it. But we do... we fall, we float, we experience love in so many ways... to say we have loved... then we have loved. “It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.” - William Shakespeare said it perfectly and succinctly with these immortal words. Why do we even risk love if we know that it may one day leave us?! Because we are love. There is no stopping it, there is no taking it back... for once you have acknowledged it’s presence it is there, it exists.

No definition needed, no response required, no judgment to be had... love is. So let it shine and share as much as you can... to everyone, everything around you every moment of every day. It is energy, it is light, it is pureness, it is a child’s smile, it is your smile.

...let it shine.

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