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Dog days of doing less – and self experimentation

Summer... time to relax, chill-out, sit-back, soak-up some rays, read a book... or a few, patio time with sangria and friends. Sounds pretty darned awesome doesn’t it. But in actuality I’m hanging out in front of my computers, designing, leading classes twenty six days in a row, preparing for upcoming events and getting way to little sleep. But boy these afternoon coffees, fresh out of the French Press, are mighty fine. Pause... breathe... meditate on this for a moment on this. Is what I’m doing, eating, stressing over, not sleeping about... healthy for me?

Learning and sharing the The Do Less Project is growing and morphing into something much more exciting than I ever could have imagined. This project is not just about sharing random ideas with other people wanting to ‘do less’ and de-stress in their own lives, this project is about how I am also learning these philosophies and applying them to my own life story. Enter N=1...

The N=1 (experiment of one) is an idea developed by Mark Sisson (author of ‘The Primal Blueprint’), where individuals are guided through personal reporting/logging/journalling of their daily activity and food routines to establish the best outcome of losing weight and changing their quality of living. Mark’s program is based on weight loss and getting healthy through charting and examining what works individually. The Do Less Project is similar in the aspect of examining our individual balances in what it feels like to create space in one’s life to hold space for other things to evolve and shift. Everyone is different and not every program, retreat, event, medicine, food plan or yoga class is right for everyone.

Through the inception of The Do Less Project two years ago, I have begun to study the effects that the project is having on my own personal life, and let me tell you, it’s not an easy self-evaluation at times... but SO rewarding. Listening to my own body, thoughts and feelings, activities and taking time to slow down and savour moments. My body - fluctuating, relationships, food - what works - what doesn’t, daily activities, work in - work out. Practicing a little N=1 self-evaluation, course correction, and taking moments of pause, reflect and absorb, this is mighty powerful in the world of doing less. Noticing what’s not working... and shifting focus towards what does.

Take time to soak up some rays, chill-out, relax, read a book... or a few, and spend time with friends that feed your soul. Enjoy life and take in these moments as you N=1. Let your unique life experiment begin now.

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