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Doing nothing is still doing something – Day 19

...going a little deeper... or is that a little higher?

Why not just go and sit on top of a mountain and meditate! You could have a stash of food and just be alone and contemplate the comings and goings of the Universe at your own will. Or should we say... in your own time and space. With no cares in the world, no interaction with other humans. Locking yourself away from the hum of civilization. But what does that really mean?

So you seclude yourself away from the trappings of “the tribe”, society. Thinking that you will become enlightened if you can shut yourself away from the world of “attachment”. But in doing nothing (Zen Buddhism), you are still doing something. There is really no getting away from complete and absolute solace. Setting yourself up for an even larger paradoxical shift... in existing, do we really exist, or are we just an image reflected by others’ in society and what they want to see?

Today we continued on our yogic journey deeper into philosophy of the spiritual practice of yoga. I find myself completely enthralled by how synchronistic it is with so many other New Age beliefs that are buzzing around us in these times of change. As in many stages of evolution of our species, I think that there have been many incarnations of our spirituality and we continue to rediscover them. I wonder if faith is like fashion... spiritual belief systems keep repeating ever few eons... now the ’80’s fashion styles are back in... when will we have the age of avant-garde and Art Deco again... will that come about in a couple of decades? Are we seeing a resurgence of yogic practices... that once were so popular and told in many different stories and dialects... are now popular again.

I’ve discovered that my yogic journey is just beginning really. I know that I have come to this college and met these other amazing teachers and mentor Shakti Mhi for more than the reason of just learning about the art of yoga... I’m learning about the art of me and my place in the Universe. Yes, we can stick a pose and we can breath into it, we can build Prana (life force energy) and we can meditate in that pose, but what next?

That is what I find so fascinating... we are all here on this human journey to experience and to share our experiences (such as me sharing with you here and now in this on-going blog). If we sat in a cave all of our life and never shared a beer with a friend and discovered what was new in their life... we may never find that we we are seeking... connection.

Take for instance the word Namaste. “The higher self (god / divine light) in me sees the higher self (god / divine light) in you.” If we were alone in a cave... what light yonder shines... it isn’t the east and it isn’t Juliet... it’s just the glint of sun reflecting of a Coke bottle that someone tossed near the entrance of the cave as they drove past on their safari two years ago. Where is the connection to our human experience? Well, you’ll have to decide for yourself. Are we getting so caught up in our own junk (so to speak) that we don’t realize that there is a whole world out there to discover and play with?! We’re here to interact and enjoy and be in-joy.... but this is my perception as my higher-self has pondered upon... what’s yours?

...yes you CAN have your cheese-cake and eat it too.

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