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Don’t decorate... – Day 11 addendum

“Don’t decorate the elevator on the way up!” - Shakti Mhi

This was the statement that rang so true for me today as well and I just had to add it into my blog of the day. Anytime people are standing (in relation to a yoga pose), we are stressing the body. Standing is pushing against gravity... so especially this is no truer when we are doing a Sideways Angle Pose and leaning gently on one knee and extending the other arm out over our head as we lean at a 45 degree angle to the ground and our back leg outstretched. Yes... we are definitely challenging gravity here. And this is not the time to embellish the pose with lavish benefits and “what’s good for you here’s”. The benefits are good to say when you are quick and precise, but keep in mind, this is a bit more of an opposition to gravity and you don’t want to keep them here any longer than they need to... talk quick and enjoy, but don’t linger.

“Get them into the pose... feel the pose... and make the pose work... but don’t keep them there and serve them tea.” - Shakti Mhi

I taught this posture today and will again tomorrow... so I’m forgoing the tea and biscuits and just dipping the tea bag. And don’t forget to “engage the core”... we all know what happens when we don’t tuck in the tummy. (found this image and just had to laugh!) I guess what it’s really saying too is, descend down with mindfulness... otherwise one could lose their head.

...pip pip!

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