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Don’t think about it – Day 4 (Part B)

My mind completely shut-down and I struggled to connect dot A to dot B. When I was asking my yoga teacher how one might come out of a squatted position to a forward fold (a pose we were learning today) when one has knee challenges. She asked me how I would normally come up from the floor when not in a squatted position... I paused, thought and no thoughts came, so I though, I have to think about that for a second. Her reply came swiftly... “don’t think about it... just do it.” So, I swivelled around from my seated position on my mat onto one leg and put the other in front of me can stood up. ... bypassing the squat.

“PERFECT!”, she said. That is how you get up. If a position hurts, don’t do it.... trust your body, it will guide you. Yes, follow the teacher’s guidance, but some of the first things a teacher will teach any student is to trust in themselves. I was thinking too much about the pose that was being presented and how to do it to follow the group, but in the meantime, I was letting my body down by not listening to what it was saying.

Amazing advice and some that I’ve heard time and time again, but because I’m now in the drivers seat of the instructors role... I get to share the best advise any yoga instructor can ever give... don’t think about it... trust yourself.

...onwards and upwards!

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