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Dream big and bold really are a superstar

...anything less would only favour the untrue and not be in the real flow of the Universe that surrounds you.

Yesterday I was a part of a group of friends that took in an amazing concert. One part of the concert were friends that I have met over the past two years and has grown into something very special. At one point of my life I would have been in awe of celebrities and their friends. Pondering how famous people get to be so famous and how does one get to know them? But after meeting Hilary and Mike, and various other musicians and artists on the west coast of Canada, I have discovered that we are (they are) all humans on a human journey. We are all special, we are all famous, we are all worthy of accolades of abundance. The only thing that separates us is our judgements, and we judge that we are not worthy enough to be in the presence of others due to our lack of knowing who we really are. We all laugh, we all cry, we all hurt, we all heal, we all seek out our passions and join others in their journey’s to do the same... there are no biggers or betters ... only high-fives and shoulder hugs when our hands are full.

These thoughts floated through my mind as I was listening to Hilary’s voice as she played the piano so sweetly. Her husband Mike adoringly smiling up at her from his perch behind the drums as he beat out a rhythmic cadence that keep us all smiling along with him. I realized that my passion for beginning to know myself was the miracle of knowing them. There were no barriers of “who is better than the others”, there were no doorways saying “keep out, celebrities only”. There was just the beat of the drums, the tones of the piano keys, the songs and the smiles that carried out to the crowd that surrounded them.

Feeling a very massive sense of happiness and love. Here I sat among friends for a pre-birthday celebration and was tuning into something that made my heart sing. I want to thank Hilary and Mike ( and Scott and Jeremy (www.redgyblackout) for an amazing evening of entertainment and joy, and to my friends and family that joined me on this night of nights to share in this as well. My heart is still beaming knowing that I AM living my dreams big and boldly and going where I have never been before... breaking new grounds, discovering new paths to walk... and more dreams come alive with every step I take.

... where have your dreams brought you? Have they opened you up to where you are today, in this very moment?

Much love and appreciation for you being you and sharing your superstardom with me and allowing me to share mine with you!

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