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First hurdle... what hurdle? – Day 5

Sukasana... the easy pose. This was the pose (or Asana) that I was today for our class’s first teaching day. I was the one to lead the group into a short meditation and the chanting of Om... and centering. WOW! It was absolutely amazing. At first it was a bit of a rush and my heart was going a million beats a minute, but hey... I’ve taught in front of classes before... but this felt different. I was teaching “teachers”.

So... the first thing on my mind was “smile”... and share it with the group. This evoked everyone into smiling back at me. And I remember the feeling of sharing heart resonance energy and there it was... right when I needed it. Instead of hoarding the thumping heart in my chest, with every beat of it, I send a wave of loving and compassionate energy out to everyone in the room. I could sense the nervousness of everyone there, but it was a sensation of “hey... we’re all in this together, let’s have some fun.”

Another technique that I used was to send out energy the night before and in the morning of... a desire that everything would flow effortlessly and with grace and ease. And it did. Thank you Universe... thank YOU.

To my right sat Shakti (my teacher and guide) and I was, of course, a bit on edge (and not just the edge of my cushion I was sitting on) as I began my first dive into the waters of teaching yoga. The session flowed and I remembered all that I needed to, the training that I had done over the last few days in studying the pose was amazing and coming together. Of course I’ve taught before, but this was different... this seemed special.

Everyone that followed was amazing and we gelled together like a lovely work of machinery. Shakti was very impressed with the group and we all gave each other hugs and congratulations at the end of the session. So much love and a big brow wipe as well. But soon... Monday (today is Friday) we’ll all be doing 5 poses. Okay... so this day doesn’t seem so challenging. :) This weekend... lots of fun times to spend getting ready for the next classes. I love it.

...and breathe.

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