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For the birds

Special moments show up in the most unlikely situations. This week I was teaching at a local yoga space and as my students were enjoying some longish Yin poses I took a moment to enjoy the view from outside the windows. There I could observe the snow kissed mountains that hover just beyond Vancouver’s skyline. And as I was taking this moment I notice a beautiful and wonderful event happening just next door on the big black rooftop... a large grouping of seagulls “engulfed” in springtime mating rituals.

Yup... it’s that time of year and these white and grey perkish peckers were out to get some action. Watching the dancers weave their way around the vent stacks and other rooftop paraphernalia to entice their soon to be lovers into submission. What a show to have shared with me during my morning teaching.

...”and taking an inhale as you engage your core and bring your knees up into your chest...” Back to the classroom behind me. Left only with the intermingling of seagull cooing and squawking I went happily back to my students. Feeling this gentle, if passionate reminder that yup... spring is definitely here on the west coast of Canada.

...and breathe.

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