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Gas station yoga

Heading out on the road has it’s perks. Especially when you travel with a group of yogis and yoginis. This cool little pit stop afforded us a moment to stretch our side angle poses in preparation for the long journey ahead of us (Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB). My friend Tanille Geib is soon going to be teaching her own classes (I’m sure of it). Gas Station Yoga... the next evolution in enabling tired and sore drivers and their passengers that benefits of doing yoga where ever and when ever the mood strikes.

We don’t need a good excuse to exercise, we just do it where ever and when ever the mood strikes. Why not?! It allows us to feel free to get out and get some fresh air and loosen up then stiff buttocks without having to worry that the room has incense burning, a personal mat beneath us, a bottle of water nearby or our studio fees up-to-date. Yoga is not the studio, it’s not the reclaimed hardwood floor, it’s not the bare feet and Lulu Lemon attire... yes, these make for a lovely practice during our week to week routine, but heck... get off the sofa and do some hip-openers (Butterfly pose) and maybe some forward bends to really get in touch with your internal organs again.

If there is one thing I have learned in Vancouver on my short time I’ve began living there... people don’t really care what you do or what you wear or what you say... well, okay... maybe some do, but the majority of citizens are pretty unique and eclectic in their personal little lives... so why not extend it to exercise. It doesn’t have to be the perfect situation ... it just has to be you with intention to do and be.

Have an splendiferous time stretching out your arms, chest muscles, leg muscles and opening up some energy centres in your body!

...gotta love them traffic cones!

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