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Playing the game... is that what we’re doing here? For every decision, does this constitute a new move on the game board we call “our life”? We are constantly looking forward to the next strategy or next roll of the dice to move into that new shift of new experience.

I was pondering today what it would be like if we knew ahead of time where that next roll would take us. What square would we land on, what ladder or snake would we then be propelled forwards to? If we knew where the next few moves would take us (good or bad...according to what our ego judges them as) would we actually want to play any more? I know from experience playing games with friends that the thrill in playing is not so much the outcome, but in the way we play the game.

We laugh we may argue, we may even run out of chips and dip, but the next move is ALWAYS a surprise. So is the way we live our lives... if anticipated the next stage of the game would we “really” want to play? Would we really have as much fun? Yes, sometimes we slide down a snake (Snakes and Ladders) or acquire millions as we prop ourselves up on Broadway. The rules can be bent, the outcomes are always a surprise, but the dice can never be anticipated.

Here is to you rolling your next absolutely amazing move into what ever the game may present to you. YOU can only roll... and see where it takes you. See you on Boardwalk baby!

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