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If I gave you a cucumber – Day 7

...what does it mean?

During the days where we do teaching at the Prana Yoga College here in Vancouver... we wear special t-shirts to denote that we are teaching that day. Now I know that it is vain to be admiring one-self in the mirror in a yoga college, but as I was in the bathroom one morning before class I happened to glance at myself to make sure I was properly composed. You know, no bats in the belfry, hair on straight (as it can be), fly done up (actually had missed a button, but got that sorted out quick enough), and then I noticed this strangely hidden label on my t-shirt. It was a little label on the underside of the sleeve and as I read the tiny little script, I became very curious about it’s meaning. “cancel television”

Okay... so how did this, seemingly inconspicuous, little label know that I had indeed canceled television?!!!! But more out of a desire to know more about this cool event rather than find a deeper meaning... I went to Shakti and inquired in front of the class. She rolled her eyes and a wry smile floated across her lips as she then looked over and exposed an even larger smile as she said...” there’s a story behind this.”

“If I gave you a cucumber... what meaning would you find in this?” We all giggled and were dying to know more... hidden meanings, secret labels... had we uncovered the latest in Fortune Cookie Yoga Attire?!!

As the story goes, it was discovered that this was not some deeply inspired spiritual act, but actually a random cool marketing ploy by the t-shirt company to “just do something different”. Indeed it was very different, but when you combine it with a bunch of Yogis on a journey of spiritual and self discovery... noting to someone to “cancel television”... what was one to ponder in the grand scheme of things? I guess it was a marketing ploy that was not well received by the college and not all of that batch of shirts had been given away completely yet. I was the lucky one! ...and so were a few others that day as well.

Bringing me to today’s discovering. During a break I was just looking down at my Lulu Lemon t-shirt and, for some reason (maybe a throwback to my younger school years when we ran around with our shirts over our heads trying to scare the girls for a lark) I had rolled up my t-short... ONLY to discover another saying. Okay... at this point, I’m thinking that my clothing is REALLY trying to tell me something... “and make sure to drink a beer or two along the way”.

Okay... so I did. I cancelled television, I grabbed a couple of beers and sat down to munch on a cucumber. My life is so bliss-filled now that I just don’t know what to do next... Maybe I should start checking my underwear next. Hmmm... what hidden words of witty witticisms might one find in the elastic band of one’s boxer briefs?!

...I’ll get back to you on that one for the next instalment of “What are my yoga clothes REALLY trying to tell me. - The hidden codes of cotton.”

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