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In the flow – Day 13 leads into another, leads into another. When asked to sit down and create a flow for a yoga class, the first thing that came to my mind was... OMG, this is really it, we’re in the middle of the river now and I’m feeling the current tugging at my body with no sign of bottom beneath me. A flow is a sequence of yoga postures that moves a class from beginning to end with the essence of creating calming and de-stressing movements to mind, body and soul. Now into week three and looking at all of the work that we’ve done and the postures that we’ve covered... I feel like a completely different person.

I sit on my bed writing this and look around me at the things that I have not accomplished yet... some laundry that needs washing, some stacks of books that need reading, some piles of “stuff” to sort through and put away, bills to be paid, invoices from my other businesses to be dealt with, some design work to be done... and my lovely little violin tucked away in the corner waiting to be fiddled with. I feel in the flow for yoga as it comes together in sequences and segments, but totally out of the flow with the rest of my life. ...and oddly... I am not stressed about it. :)

Completely the opposite actually... I feel very much at ease, knowing that I will have a day soon to be able to sort through the piles of “stuff” and get it all compiled and organized. For now... I’m in the flow with planning the next series of Asanas (yoga poses) to do for teaching. An amazing feeling to be a teacher... to share information and guide individuals on a journey of discovery... for me AND for them.

Now... to flow between the covers and sink serenely onto my BioMat and regenerate my body. Tomorrow is another amazing day, flowing from the night, and on into the week.

...let go.

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