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Inspiration, death and tending gardens


Today has been a day of deeper inspiration. Visiting with a dear friend here in Vancouver, connecting with friends in Medicine Hat and so many others. It is about that... exactly that... finding inspiration in what ever we are doing, whom ever we are connecting with, where ever we may be, in the moments that we fall into. When I was relaying a story about the glass have full... he asked why it wasn't full and overflowing? I took a mental step back... hmmm... well, of course, he said... it is filled and overflowing with air too. It's not all about the water... gosh, water gets all the focus in that story all the time, but what about the air? The air we breath, the air we fly on, the air that fills a million balloons, the air that sustains us.


It has been a big time of shifts and changes for so many of us. Change in relationship, change in location, change in body, change in leaving the body and even change in the physical earth that we live on. As you know the past year found me moving to Vancouver, establishing a new me in a new space and moving away from a relationship and space that was so loving and nurturing. I watched a video yesterday that was created for a friend of a friend who left the body this past week... Viola. Thank you so much for that beautiful sharing Dawn. You are a talented and brilliant spirit. And yes, Viola is still with all of us. We often forget that our true being IS energy, we get so focused on this physical body carrying us around all the time and thinking that "that's it", that we are the sum of our physical parts. But we are so much more, we are spirit, soul, thought, divine energy.

Sure we need the company of others around us to allow us to have this amazing experience we call life, and we need food to allow our body's to function and grow, and we need knowledge to stimulate our minds. But where do we connect and refuel our inner soul? ... through our remembering that we are more, remembering that the individuals that we meet in our lives... be they partners, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, co-workers, managers, workout partners, friends... they ignite the energy that is within us to spur us on to more. To be more than the sum of our parts.

tending gardens...

We all have gardens that we dig in, water, fertilize, and sometimes there are weeds, but they are flowers in their own right as well, just different. I was shared today that relationships are like a garden... how do we cultivate ours? Sometimes I don't even know HOW to tend to my garden, and that's okay. Maybe those moments are the right moments to just sit in our garden and listen to it grow. Allow the smells and the scenery and lusciousness of it to surround us and share with us.

Can we place this in the analogy of our relationships? Call our relationships a garden as well?! Sometimes they dry out or maybe even die off. It's not bad, it's not the most pleasant either, but it leaves room to cultivate something new. Maybe we replant the same plants that we had there once before and just change the amount we water or the the amount that we fertilize and see if they will grow any differently. MAYBE, just maybe, we need to move those plants to a new spot... a sunnier spot in the garden, maybe they didn't like the shade they were in. Hmmm... something to ponder.

But that's what it's all about, tilling, mowing, hoe-ing, singing to them and letting them flourish into whatever shape or form they wish to take on. Allowing the sun to shine on them, and the rain to fall... even the snow to pile up and give them a nice winter blanket. Use this space to cultivate your garden and choose what are YOU going to plant today.

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