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It all started with legs up the wall – groovy!

I’ve taught Restorative Yoga before, but after taking a few bliss-filled classes with a dear colleague of mine here in Vancouver, I now how a whole new appreciation for total “let-go-ed-ness”. I woke up this morning pondering what I was going to do in my Yin/Meditation class and it dawned one me... (and it wasn’t the early morning sunrise either)... why not see what the people are calling for on this chilly mid-week 7am day. After some friend chit-chat I had it... it was going to be a Restorative day instead.

With the prompting from me to move their mats to the wall, I had everyone settled comfortably and blissfully into what we call “Waterfall”, legs up the wall... and the last thing I heard was a sigh as each person drifted off into a session of yoga... the likes I have not taught before. Yes, I’ve taught some pretty amazing classes with beautiful energy emanating ease-fully from each student, but today seemed different. I felt like I was in the groove.

Finding “the groove” can sometimes take a while, or it can happen right away for some. Over the past few weeks taking some exploratory courses in Yin, Restorative, Laughter and Kids Yoga, I have discovered that the definitions, or labels, we place on the styles of yoga we teach are exactly that... labels. Yoga comes in many shapes and forms and it flows and ebbs with the sitting of each student on their yoga mat before me. I am starting to call yoga - yoga. Some days, some classes, don’t feel like a Yin class and sometimes they don’t feel like a Hatha class. Today, when I tuned into this lovely ebb of energy it was an amazing Restorative moment. I really did feel pretty groovy indeed afterward, seeing the smiles on the faces of my students.

This whole week has been like this. Discovering that when I’m not in the groove, the class just doesn’t feel the same. Oh yes, I will be teaching styles and using labels (cause that’s where society is today) but I wonder... what if we let go of the labels and just went with our heart’s connection to the students, to the space, to the energy surrounding us... what groove can we really tap into? With every sigh, with every release of tension, with ever surrender of emotions or feelings, we move closer and closer to our own grooviness... our own inner “let-it-go-ed-ness”.’s grooving with you baby!

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