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Manifesting or...

...being open to opportunities that are right before our eyes but not always seen?

I was chatting with my uncle the other day about manifesting and the ability to be very manifestative. Okay, so that may not be a word in today’s Oxford or better known English Dictionaries, but I have a feeling it will be one day. Over the past few years practicing with Bijan and Effortless Prosperity and a few other energy provoking modalities I have come to discover the power of manifesting. Wishing, desiring, praying, forecasting... they are all synonymous with bringing about an occurrence where we would like something to happen and it does. The power of manifesting has become something of a mantra in my life and I welcome it with open arms everyday that I am alive.

Whether it is a parking spot near the front entrance to the place I’m going, or an effortless flight flying first class, or chatting with someone that I have spotted from across the room and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool to get to actually meet that person.” It is a pretty amazing thing when these things come to fruition for us. I love the synchronicities in it all and the surprise or wonderment when it actually happens for me and I then turn skyward with a knowing glance and give a little thank you to that stream of Source Energy that always has my back. But is it manifesting or is it being aware and “open” to possibilities and opportunities that, maybe previously, we were not aware of because we were too much in the past and the future to recognize them for being present?

This is my thought... we launch our “rockets of desire” (by what Abraham Hicks talks about in The Law of Attraction In Action”) and then let the Universe unfold the situation as it may. But we through this we are opening up a sequence of events that will lead us to our “manifested outcome” via the workings of being in “the now”. We know that to be in the past or the future we lose all control over any situation, but we do know that without goals, wishes or desire, we are nothing more than a cute little Gnome sitting happily in a meditative pose on a tree stump in the middle of a lush green lawn. We DO, we ARE, we BE the moments that present to us. Whether they are opportunities or circumstances that we take action up on, or whether they are circuitous events that we have conjured up from our sub-conscious... we are playing with powers that Source Energy has granted us from the beginning of time.

I believe we do manifest those opportunities and play an active role in allowing them to unravel before us. The Universe sets the stage and we, as the actors, take our positions to play the roles we wish to play today. Maybe tomorrow we will star in another play, but we are always able to re-write the script and bring in new characters, new events, new props and new special effects. We become the actor the writer, the stunt-people and we lay out the way the play will unfold. Sometimes there are mysterious things that come about from some of our actions or our footnotes, but all in all, we are still bringing about the events in our lives that we actively take part in and manifest great performances that the Universe has no quibbles about delivering to us.

So, if you are an opportunistic person or a manifestative person, they both have the same outcomes of joy and prosperity that we seek to find in our everyday lives. Here is to your next staring role in your play... great big bushels of roses and copious amounts of standing ovations. You are spectacular in every way.

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