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PLEASE STAND BY – healing in progress

How do we measure progress? What is the criteria that we keep vigilant watch over as we move through the process of healing?

Over the past week (wow, can hardly believe it's been a week already since the twisted incident) I have gone through many hours of meditative healing and energy healing work on my knee and body and have discovered something very intriguing indeed. The last time I had displaced my knee in 1988 while playing basket ball in high school, I was rushed to hospital and was sedated so the doctors could reposition it back into it's rightful placement. Then afterward I was given medication (such a close word to 'medi"t"ation') to ease the pain for the next few weeks. I do remember the feelings of helplessness and pain, but I don't remember the healing that occurred through that time period.

This time around I have been asked by many people, "Did you go see a doctor? Are you going to get physiotherapy? Have you had it x-rayed?", and my thoughts are really quite distant on the topic of seeking outside clarification for it. I have found that from the initial moment where the healing process began, I have been keenly engrained in "feeling" through the process and allowing my body to do what "it" needs to do for the healing to progress. It's not that I regard the medical profession in any negative way and what they give to modern society these days, but through the learning of energy healing and Reconnection techniques, I am personally more in touch with the progress for myself. I am not interested in waiting in rooms that are cold and distant. I am not interested in being given the options for different outcomes based on the measures I wish to take to with today's medical treatments. I am not interested in the medications used to ease the pain and discomfort through a haze of blurred bliss. The only outcome I know and believe in is full and total recovery for what my body and higher self needs.

The BIGGEST surprise of them all is through the process of my natural healing, I have only taken two Advil (over the counter pain medication) when one night there was such intense pain I really desired some of that blissful haze. The rest of the time I have had minimal to no pain throughout and no need for medication. The initial day of the incident was up and down, but through Reiki, some medi"t"ation and the help of friends and loved ones being near, I was in the flow and on the path to recuperation.

Wow... I was in shock when Blair and I were talking about this last night... realizing that I haven't needed anything else... just allowing myself to "PLEASE STAND BY - healing in progress. :)

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