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Poetry in yoga – Day 11

r-h-y-t-h-m... this was the first word that I remember learning when I began playing the flute in band... oh... a few years ago in Junior High School (okay... maybe 25 years now). I don’t play the flute at all any more, but have, this year taken up playing the violin and rhythm is a key element in playing this lovely instrument. BUT, I am also finding that this is a key element in absolutely everything we DO in life.

Today’s lesson, for me, was finding poetry in our yoga moves. Finding cadence, grace, movement, flow and yes... rhythm. We can memorize the postures till we are blue in the face and we are always able to adapt the method of Prana Yoga into our own flows, but when we discover our own cadence and flow of the practice... ahhhh... that’s when the quarter finally drops and we surrender gracefully into this bravado of energy and movement called “yoga”.

In the beginning of my journey into yoga in the February of this year (2011), I have now had 6 months to sink into, and enjoy greatly, so many of yoga’s facets... but up until now I haven’t quite caught onto the breadth that the mastery the word yoga inspires. Yes, I know that the meaning of the word yoga is “union”: the union between mind, body and spirit. But today we were guided to begin teaching in ways that go beyond our “physical” comprehension... teach and share from the heart. Find the poetry and grace in the flows that you are sharing with your students. Discover that yoga is more than just simply posing, counting breaths and following a script. It’s a dance, it’s a symphony of movements and rhythms that, when put together with the power of intention, create a masterpiece of simply “being”.

Through my other practices of Reiki, and holistic healing, I have come to l know that we carry within each of us the capacity to create new worlds and change the tides of our lives in an instant... but every day spending time learning more about my body, my connection to energy and my desires to share ... through teaching... it is like I am being reborn into every moment that is offered to me. The connection with my fellow teachers and my mentor Shakti Mhi has brought me to new levels of awareness that I never thought possible. I notice that the stepping stones that have been uncovered for me along my path since moving out to Vancouver have been brilliantly swept clear of debris by friends and colleagues alike and I only have to now continue to take the next steps into this brand new world that is being shared with me so effortlessly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for reading this blog and for taking an interest in something that is near and dear to my heart... teaching. Thank you to my teachers both in class and in the real world... be that my parents, my friends, my yoga teachers... thank you to all that have contributed to my life to this point...

...and beyond.

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